Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Kashmiri Kitchen - Ecclesall Road, Sheffield

Last night Vicky and I ventured to Kashmiri Kitchen on Ecclesall Road. This is now the third time I've eaten there, and definitely the best. The first time I'd had a little too much to drink to appreciate the food, the second I had take out so it wasn't quite this same; this was the one. Ridiculously helpful staff, delicious food, a nice atmosphere - the works. The restaurant itself is quite small, 12 tables if that, so I'd definitely recommend booking. The service is so quick, I'm not sure if it's because we ate fairly early, but they really were on the ball. If you want an Indian that's not the norm for this country - you want some authenticity, not a standard Jalfrezi or Korma - then Kashmiri Kitchen is for you. The spices used and the way it is cook makes for a phenomenal taste that's rich in flavour and really is the real deal.

Going out for food with Vicky is always fun. Despite the fact I live with her and our friend Luka at the moment, we always have a story or two for one another. The staff seemed quite intent on preparing our food but we'd sat down and started nattering away that we barely noticed the menu in front of us. We quickly decided on a round of poppadoms with a chutney tray and the Seekh Kebab, which is lamb mixed with herbs and spices cooked in their tandoor (an Asian clay oven).

Now, I will throw my hands up and say my stomach took over my brain at this point, we wolfed the starters down that quickly, it's only on the last mouthful I realised I hadn't taken any pictures for you. Luckily, I imagine you will all know what poppadoms and chutneys look like and the kebabs were a long, rounded strip laced with spices and a little salad on the side. I'm not fantastic at describing things as you can tell but obviously the way we wolfed it down can be reassure you how tasty the starters were.

In literally about the space of 10 minutes, the mains had arrived. I decided on the Choosa Handi - a delicious, tomato based curry with Kashmiri spices - and Vicky decided on Keema Mutter - a lamb dish, slow cooked with garlic, ginger and green; quite a bit hotter than mine! We then ordered a plain rice each and a garlic naan to share. Here's what arrived...

Choosa Handi

My glamorous assistant with her dish, Keema Mutter
Garlic Naan

Tasty, tasty food - Choosa Handi, Rice and Garlic Naan.

Verdict: Rather impressed! Friendly staff, rapid service, delicious food and CHEAP. Honestly, the menu is dirt cheap. For what we had it came to about £16, ok, so we had iced water but even with something a little more adventurous, you're looking at £20 for a two course meal for two! I definitely think for anybody that likes Indian food, with a bit of a difference might I add, this isn't a place for those of you who worship the Tikka Masala or Rogan Josh, this is for those of you who like a curry that's a little more authentic in taste. Get yourselves here, have a try, I promise you will not be disappointed.

They don't have their own website but you can find the full menu on Just Eat to have a look at whether you're wanting delivery or just a quick browse before you pay a visit. They also offer 50% off with Taste Card. What more could you want?!

And if that can't tempt you, have a look at this, shhhh!

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