Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Travel: Leaving on a Jet Plane

The trip is starting to take shape. My flight to Bangkok is booked for 11th September and I couldn't be more excited. The girls finish university this week so we can start planning properly, although, I think we will plan as we go along, to an extent. 

So - the plan so far - fly into Bangkok with Luka, spend the day there. Vicky and Nadia get in the early hours of the following morning. From there, we will be moving onto Phuket; relaxation fortnight, yes! We will then do the islands, Koh Phangan being a must as we will be able to make the Sept 19th Full Moon Party. I'm getting excited just thinking about all of this. From the islands, which will be solely for relaxation...hmm...we will go on to Cambodia and Vietnam. From Vietnam, we'll be flying over the Philippines. Then on to Indonesia; I've been dying to go to Bali for as long as I can remember so I'm particularly excited about that.
Unfortunately, Indonesia is where Luka will be leaving us! 8 weeks is just not long enough, don't leave us! 

 From Indonesia, Vicky, Nadia and I will be moving on to Perth. Before I jumped on Vicky and Nadia's travelling bandwagon, I'd never really thought that much about Australia. It always looks beautiful and exciting, but there have always been other places I've wanted to go more. However, being so close to Oz has made me think I should definitely go. One of my best friends from school is currently teaching in Perth, I have family in Melbourne and one of the girls I shared a house with at Uni will be over there travelling too. So now, 8-10 weeks travelling has turned into 4 or 5 months, woah! But it means Christmas and New Year over there, and I'll get to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge fireworks first hand. Oh my godddd! I can hold a Koala, see the Opera House, go to the Great Barrier Reef..and most importantly, see the set of Neighbours, oh hey Harold Bishop! 

To round this up, I basically have no idea when exactly I'll be back, January/February 2014 probably, but who knows! Usually that would scare me; I like to know what I'm doing and have a plan but for once I don't and that is what makes this trip feel like 100% the right thing to do.

I've ordered my Rough Guide to South East Asia book and am going to start reading up this week. I've even started doing my TEFL course. Anything to prolong the trip!

I'll keep you posted!

N xo

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