Saturday, 25 May 2013

Marmaduke's - Norfolk Row, Sheffield

I have to tell you about a must-visit in Sheffield; Marmaduke's. This has been various different cafes before now, but none like this. Marmaduke's is beautifully decorated - rustic with wooden panelling, rustic-esque quiches, sandwiches etc. Even the front itself is impressive! 

We went for breakfast and I know I've told you before just how much I like breakfast, so I was very excited to try this new place. I've only been in once for a cup of tea with Vicky, but the food surrounding us looked very tempting. So this time, D and I came for breakfast.

We walked through the beautiful doorway to be greeted by a very appealing food display...

And a lovely barista area...
And I was very intrigued by this...
I think I'll be going in to purchase some

Brownies, flapjack...
My favourite!

Pain au Chocolat

I love this illustration.

A decorative wall in the back seating area...

After quick scan around at the setting and decor...The menu...

After ordering, a browse round... 


After scanning the menu, I decided on the Veggie Breakfast - eggs of your choice (Poached, as always), homemade beans, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms and homemade hash browns.

Beautiful toast and butter

These hash browns were incredible - sweet potato, courgette and chick pea.

Loving his Traditional English Breakfast

I was very, very impressed by the food and atmosphere. The staff were lovely and I felt in no rush to leave. And best of all, unlimited tea; sold. I spied some cakes on the table next to us of the cutest elderly couple. Not only was their affection enough to melt your heart, their cakes looked AMAZING. 

I will definitely be heading back here soon, probably for breakfast again but definitely to try the quiche.  Marmaduke's, it was a pleasure.

It made a miserable, rainy day that much better.

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N xo

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