Monday, 13 May 2013

Moving Day.

Hello you cheeky little things! It's now exactly 6 months since I started blogging and the time really have flown! I started off merely blogging recipes I'd tried, wanting to share them with other self-confessed food lovers, but over time, my blog has turned into more of a lifestyle blog and I'm really happy with the shape it is starting to take. Right now, I'm blogging for me, but I (secretly) hope that what I have to say is interesting to you blog readers out there.

Anyway, today I have decided to move my blog to somewhere I think it will be better received, after all, Tumblr is more of a photo blogging site, so I think it's time for a change; and yes, I'm all about change at the moment - the last four weeks have been an absolute whirlwind and my life has flipped upside down but I am LOVING it!

So welcome to my new blog - in time, I will aim to reblog my favourite recipes for you all so they're all in one place.

Out with the old -and in with the new.

N xo

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