Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Dog & Duck - Old Clipstone, Nottinghamshire

My parents and I really are creatures of habit when it comes to eating out spontaneously. For years we have frequented the Dog & Duck in Old Clipstone - 10 minutes from our house, always impecable food and a very...different atmosphere. The D&D has been around way before my time, my Mum worked there when she was my age and it was in business a long time before she even worked there. Over the years, the place has changed dramatically. Originally, it was your typical spit and sawdust pub, with your regular Friday night drinkers, just what a beer-loving man wants from a pub; now, it is a bistro, chaotically decorated in a way that you'd think would be hideous, but there's actually something quite appealing about it. Mixes of wallpapers, chandeliers  thorn-like chairs, Buddha's  velvet poofs, name it, they've got it, but honestly, it just works. I don't know how and I don't know why, but people always go back, and not solely for the food.

See what I shouldn't work, but it kind of does...
 Important things first: the menu.
 I have been saying I will have the Halloumi and Sweet Potato/Butternut Squash Puree Tortilla for months and never got round to it...last night was the night.

And here's the beauty - not what I expected at all. Halloumi and delicious tortilla squares on a bed of courgette and aubergine ratatoullie with the puree and baslamic...and a little watercress, mmm! 

Food served so well seems a shame to eat! But...I did, I wolfed it down and cleared the plate. Very, very nice!

Trust me when I say this, the food is always top notch here. I'd definitely recommend the meal I had and my parents had Rump Steak and Boston Beef - both highly rated. And you can't beat a Scampi Salad at lunch time with crusty bread. 

I'm one for trying new restaurants, new foods, new experiences...but I would go back to the Dog & Duck time and time again.

Oh, and I'm sorry about the poor quality iPhone snaps, I forgot to take my camera!

Visit their website for a sneaky peak at their delicious menu!

N xo

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