Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Great Gatsby - Division Street, Sheffield

Possibly my favourite bar in Sheffield, The Great Gatsby. Stylish, comfortable and stocking every drink you could possibly think of (even Whisky dating back to before your grandparents were born - The owner's motto "those with acquired tastes know where to come!"). We usually would go in the evenings or late at night - not only do they do the most incredible cocktails, their DJ's always play amazing sets, oh, and the food isn't too shabby either! 

I chatted with the owner a long while ago when the place first opened and he told me about starting up the bar and his thinking behind it; he decided on naming the bar after the Fitzgerald classic because of his admiration for the 1920's, the literature, Fitzgerald's iconic novel itself and the idea surrounding the prohibition...quite inventive really!

Beards only...

Look at all of that may be inspired by the 1920's but there is no prohibition here!


Cocktail, my dear?
Let's get comfortable...

Nick Deakin Artwork
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A very comfortable chair

A cheeky peek at the menu for you foodies.

A cup of tea later, we were ready to brave the relentless English weather, umbrella in hand.

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