Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Weekend Whirlwind

Good Afternoon All.

Just lately, my weekends completely fly by. This weekend was no different. Saturday was a day of tradition; The Chatsworth International Horse Trials. It was a lovely day, a little let down by the weather which led to a purchase of another Dubarry fur headband, oops. So yes, this event has been a yearly occurrence for me since I can remember. My Grandad used to take me every year, but now he's not so quick on his feet, my parents take me. I grew up with two horses, one for hacking, one for eventing and I absolutely loved it. I'd get up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning, rush to the stables and spend my whole weekend outdoors. Unfortunately, due to injury I had to give up the only hobby I'd actually got attached to, other than shopping! So the Horse Trials are my little day of guilty pleasure into the world I miss and still love very much. But like I said, the weather was pretty grim so it lead to a new Barbour and a new Dubarry fur, any excuse! And of course, Papa was thrilled about the use of his credit card!

Forced enthusiasm about the rain

A must by for my Mother!
What a lovely day!  There will be many more pictures from the day to come once I get my butt in gear with my camera! And when I find my camera lead - having four different homes at the moment is hard work!

Saturday night was A BLAST. Saturday night was date night! Food and drinks at the Forum on Division Street in Sheffield - perfect Saturday night ambiance; fantastic bar food, good music and I had the best company. We decided on the 3 bar snacks for £10 as neither of us were particularly hungry.

The best Mini Nachos in the world, Mini Hamburger and Chips, Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil Salad
I might have made a cheeky little nacho/gucamole/hamburger concoction...

 He was thoroughly enjoying himself!

We stayed a little later than we anticipated...Aw how cute!

And then my beautiful bestie, Vicky joined us...and then we stayed ALOT later than we anticipated.

Sunday morning unexpectedly begun with a few sore heads, a lot of laughs and repeated disarray of "how on earth did we get that bad?" - These are the best nights, the unexpected nights with your favourite people.

After 4 and a half hours of sheer hell doing the final clean on my apartment, it is now no longer mine. It's nice now I can officially say that chapter of my life is over. And this new one that is beginning is enjoyable already.

Saturday afternoon looked a lot like this:

White Chocolate, Peanut and Oat Cookies

Scrumptious Rainbow Cookies

Pistachio and Hazelnut Chocolate Squares

Caramelised Red Onion Chutney

I had a good 3-4 hours in the kitchen while my current housemates slept off their sore heads/post-football tiredness. I had my music on, my apron on and I was in a little world of my own. I know, I know, I'm like an old lady but I'm a happy little lady when I'm in the kitchen or eating or anything food related really...

When the boys finally surfaced, I thought a curry night was in order and there's nothing boys seem to love more than a good curry (or their new lodger that loves to cook and bake and tidy up after them!)

I made a chicken tikka from scratch and it was absolutely delicious. I had a veggie one as I wanted a day without meat (for those of you that don't know, I gave meat up for lent and am enjoying a meat free diet 70% of the time!)

I even managed a catch up with my close friend Levi on Sunday afternoon. We lazed, drank tea and caught up on each others lives. It was lovely.

Yet again, another fun filled weekend. This coming weekend will be no different. I'm heading back to visit my parents, fitting in a party with my best friend Katie, dog walking and baking. Life is pretty nice lately, happiness definitely suits me.

As I'm at work, naughty naughty, I will blog each of the above recipes over the next few days. It will be so nice to be able to blog freely in a few months time while I'm travelling; work just gets in the way!

N xo

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