Monday, 20 May 2013

Wild Weekend

Yet again, another whirlwind weekend. It's been a lot of fun and meant I could catch up with my best friend, Katie.

We went to a house party that her boss threw and it had such a good time. I only knew Katie there so it was really nice to mix with a different circle of people and everybody was lovely!

So, that was Saturday night. Friday night I got back to my parents house pretty late as I'd gone to visit some of my fellow travel-ees to plan our flight times and the first few places of our 6 month trip. I wanted to book my flight this week so was eager to get some firm plans in place.

Saturday morning and afternoon were as normal - baking, exercise and catching up with family and friends. I experimented with some butterscotch cookies (recipe up already!) and finally got around to Olive Magazine's Bagel Challenge (recipe up soon!). I feel like an old lady with my love of baking but I genuinely do love it! There's something really therapeutic about spending a few hours in the kitchen whipping something up from scratch and seeing the enjoyment on peoples face as they sample the treats.

Sunday was, unfortunately, a bit of a right off. We were dirty stop outs and stayed at Katie's boss' until about 6am. Seriously, the birds were tweeting, it was light - stressful. So we got back, slept very late and then I headed back to my parents house to book that all important flight. I'm struggling to contain my excitement!

It's official! Oh my god! eeee! THE FLIGHTS ARE BOOKED!

Get in my belly!

Last night I headed back to Sheffield, made a yummy carbonara and watched a film with the boys. A perfect end to the weekend. Next weekend is yet another bank holiday in the UK but I'm going to try and keep it a calm one. I have the day off on Friday so I'm going to do a spot of shopping, some baking and relax. It's also the day I have my travel injections and it's safe to say I'm really nervous - major needle phobia! 

Have a brilliant week everyone and I'm sure you'll hear from me tomorrow.

N xo

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