Sunday, 23 June 2013

Burger Flippin' and Cider Sippin'

This weekend I was invited by D and his family to a 30th birthday garden party, I say 'garden party' loosely as it was a basically a mini-festival, campsite included! We rose early to travel to the Wirral, praying that the weather would stay fine..we arrived around lunch time and got stuck in straight away. And it was VERY impressive.

Handmade bunting, a huge beer tent (ping pong table included), the stage all set up with a projector showing the rugby (a lot of rugby boys there!) and, as expected, the fun was already flowing! The stage later turned into the main focus for the band, The Sundowners (the lead singer of the Coral's new band) and other live entertainment.

I got stuck in early. It only seems acceptable to drink cider sat on the grass in the sunshine!

I then got involved with a bit of burger flipping!

D and I had an interesting photograph... 

And then the Sundowners showed their faces.

It was such a lovely day and the effort put into the party itself was incredible! Everybody definitely felt rather envious having not had their own mini birthday festival!

It was lovely to meet new people, sit out in the sunshine and have such a relaxed day.

N xo

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