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I could probably eat curry 6 out of 7 days of the week; I love it that much. Strangely, I have no desire to venture to India to try a 'proper' curry - too many reports of Deli belly (I am not a good patient but I am sure India is amazing and will endeavor to go one day)
When I was younger, I always turned my nose up at curries before I realised if you made them from scratch, the flavour was MUCH nicer. So, quite regularly, I try new curry recipes and encourage my friends/parents to try my new creation.

This one went down really well; lovely flavour, enough spice to not be too spicy, low fat/calorie content in comparison to your shop bought curries/takeaways and I always think there's something really satisfying from making something from scratch and seeing the enjoyment on peoples faces when they're eating your food.

[Adapted from BBC Good Food]

All you need is:
1 large onion
1 red pepper (optional)
1/2 yellow pepper (optional)
1/2 courgette, diced (optional)
a handful of mangetout (optional)
4 garlic cloves
50g ginger, chopped
3 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp fennel seeds
cinnamon stick
2 tsp chilli flakes
1 tsp garam masala
1 tsp tumeric
1 can of chopped tomatoes (400g)
250ml chicken stock, hot
2 tbsp coriander (I used mixed herbs as I had no coriander in)

Boring bit first - you need to roughly chop your onion, use your Bamix/ pop it in your food processor with 3 tbsp water and mix until it forms a paste; you can just grate the onion if you want (no need to add waterfor grating). Pop your onion paste in a bowl to one side.

Repeat the process with the garlic and ginger - chop roughly, blend to a paste with 3-4 tbsp water. Pop in a bowl to one side. Again, you can grate/chop/crush to a paste should you wish.

On a medium heat, pop a little oil in a pan and allow to warm. Pop in the fennel seeds, cumin cinnamon and chilli and mix around for 30-40 seconds until you can smell that tasty mix of spice.

Add the onion paste and you'll hear a big sizzzzzle!

You'll need to keep frying and stirring this until the water has evaporated and the paste has gone a browny/gold colour - this should take around 5-7 minutes.

Add the garlic/ginger paste and stir in for 2-3 minutes.

Stir in the tumeric, sugar and garam masala - mix for half a minute before adding the tin of chopped tomatoes.

I now throw in some chopped veg - peppers, courgettes - whatever you fancy

Allow your tomatoes to simmer for around 10 minutes until they have darkened.
Throw in your chicken (I used precooked chicken so if you're using raw, cut it into chunks). Throw in pan, stir in and allow five minutes for the chicken to absorb then pour over the hot chicken stock.
Allow to simmer for around 8-10 minutes until the chicken is cooked and the masala has thickened.
If it needs more water or more stock then feel free to add some, you'll know what consistency you will want your curry.

Sprinkle with coriander and serve with basmati and flatbread/naan.


Poppadoms, Indian Onion Salad and Raita (Indian Mint Sauce)

For the onion salad all I do is finely chop an onions, half a cucumber, a handful of tomatoes, add some parsley and a bit of lime juice

For the Raita I mix natural yoghurt with cucumber, mint and salt and pepper, of course (cheeky tip: a tsp of mint sauce works perfectly as well and saves you chopping time!)

It serves 4 as well so for very few ingredients and a low cost meal, this is a winner!
N xo

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