Monday, 17 June 2013

Daddy's Little Girl

Yesterday marked a card shops dream; Father's Day. Not everybody feels the need to make a big deal of it, but I feel that it is important for me to take this day to express how much I appreciate my dad. I really am Daddy's Little Girl and although we spend 80% of our time together at loggerheads (we are very, very similar), I love him unconditionally and he deserves a day to acknowledge that he's a top Daddy!

This week I came across this link; Michael Mitchell, a day blogger of tips for Dad's with Daughters. I'm quite an emotional person anyway (there is nothing wrong in welling up at other people's happiness/a cute kitten/a chick flick/anything remotely sentimental...) so I found this blog really touching. After all, I think we underestimate how difficult it much be four our Dad's to raise a Daughter. I know my Dad did, and still does, constantly worry about me and he will always put himself out to help me out, even if I don't ask for help. He truly is fantastic, and I can admit, I don't tell him that enough. So Dad, if you're reading this, despite our arguments and completely winding each other up most of the time, you've helped me and got me through a lot in my short 22 years, and I know it's your duty as a Dad but I think you're fantastic and I do appreciate you very much. 

Kind-of-soppy stuff out of the way (I might be a crier, but soppy words make me feel awkward!), for Father's Day I got him a t shirt with my face on. Can't have him missing me while I'm travelling the word now, can I?

Couldn't have him missing out on my huge head.

We don't go too overboard with presents anymore because the three of us are spoilt all year round anyway! His reaction to this was completely not what I expected. I was ready for him to ask "why have you wasted money on this?" but he actually liked it. I also make him some of my infamous Tiffin and some Cherry Bakewell Cookies.

I also got him this card...

But I was pleasantly surprised went it arrived as it was accompanied by this...
A really nice 'thank you for purchasing note'. Such a nice touch. I would definitely buy from The Naughty Little Card Shop again now. Really appreciated this little extra! Have a look at their range on Etsy!

For lunch, a beef and ale pie with veggies...
I had never actually made a pie from scratch before so I was really impressed with myself as it tasted lovely!

And dessert, of course...

An adapted version of Hemsley and Hemsley's Apple Crumble with Ginger Creme Fraiche and my infamous Rhubard and Date Crumble drowned in custard, of course!

We had a really lovely day then took Bracken for a long walk; she particularly enjoyed her walk today as she ran through the woods and pranced around in muddy puddles!.

This is us a couple of years ago in Florida.

Dad, I hope you had as nice a day as I did! Lots of love xo

And if I didn't have my dad...I'd want Jay Z to be my dad. Singing a song about his newly born daughter? Makes me well up everytime, SO SWEET. Jay Z and B are creating a super-race!

N xo

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