Wednesday, 5 June 2013

LIFE: Farewell Sheffield

Monday night marked the end of an era - the end of Sheffield and residing in Yorkshire. Despite finishing university a year ago,  I decided to extend my stay in Sheffield for another year while my friends finished their degrees (the majority did business degrees which meant an extra year doing work placements). This week, everybody has now completed their final exams, handed their coursework in and we're all leaving.

It's been the best four years of my life despite many ups and a big chunk of downs but I'm really optimistic about the future now. Life in Sheffield has been a huge learning curve and I've met people I will be friends and keep in touch with for the rest of my life. Most people leave university saying 'I will know who my real friends are once I graduate', and it's very true; in the past year I have grown even closer to my three best friends from Nottingham, two of which have been at uni in Sheffield/Leeds, I've realised which friends have been worth holding on to and which haven't, I've had several failed relationships that have taught me a lot about myself, what I want and what I should/shouldn't put up with and I have truly had the most brilliant time, despite the bad times too.

Even as I'm writing this, I feel quite sad that my time in Sheffield is coming to an end, but I'm so excited to be leaving the country to travel in three months time with my best friends. I will still be commuting to work in Sheffield until September, so it's not like I will be leaving for good, but moving back home is a big deal after being self sufficient (yes parents, I am joking!) and it's something I'm excited about. I'm very close to my Parents and my Grandma so it will be nice to be able to see more of them as well as catching up with old friends from college and from school who are now living back at home. 

Back to Monday night - I spent a very hectic hour or so preparing the food after work, everybody arrived much earlier than I anticipated so I quickly got ready and classily walked around with my big bottle of Prosecco (the glasses had been packed, okay?) It was really nice to catch up with people, Vicky had the girls from Leeds there so it was really nice to see/meet them and it was just lovely for everybody to get together. We also came up with the idea of getting everybody to have some goals for things they wanted to achieve by the end of 2013. Back story: on Sunday we went for lunch with our families and saw a biiiig chalkboard with 'things I want to do before I die...' for customers to fill in' and it got us thinking, what would we like to have done before the end of this year? - luckily everybody joined in and it was quite nice to see what people had in mind. 

[Dress: Topshop - Shoes: Office - Clutch: Marc Jacobs - Watch: Tag - Bracelet: Thomas Sabo]

The Girls and I - Katie, Vicky and Luka

My fave Girl <3

Greek and Emergency Food

We headed out, had a few drinks and a dance and all in all, had a really nice last night. I had yesterday off work, so we chilled out, had some food and, I'll admit, a little afternoon nap (which was very much needed). I have no finally handed back my keys for the apartment I shared with my now-ex, paid off the final bills and that's another chapter of my life over. It's strange, I feel a little nostalgic at the moment. Things are coming to an end, and a lot of doors are closing now.

Tuesday consisted of this:

I had to get up early and hand my apartment keys back into the estate agent, so I had a little early morning around Sheffield. I noticed some art work by my favourite Sheffield based artist, Phlegm (check him out!) that I hadn't noticed yet. It was really nice to get up, clear my head and appreciate the beautiful weather; after all, sunshine and warmth are very short lived in England!

I'm usually a Costa girl after working there throughout University but I can't resist a Berry Hibiscus iced drink

After a cheap pub meal to sort us all out, we went to the local market and bought loads of fruit and ice cream to make delicious fruity smoothies to have out on the balcony.

I had a really lovely day off yesterday and made a cheeky be-line for River Island after realising I hadn't bought any new clothes in, oh..a week? So I finally got a denim pinafore dress and the striped cropped tshirt I had been after. Winner!

The perfect way to leave the place that I've called home for the past four years. Sheffield, it's not goodbye forever.

Here's a random selection from my past four years in Sheffield - Freshers until now:

N xo

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