Friday, 21 June 2013

Flashback Friday - 22nd Birthdays

So far this year there don't seem to be as many birthday nights out as there used to be - now we are over the 21 mark, I think we are all wanting a more low key kind of celebration. Either that or we are all BORING now. Here's a few from this year.

Hannah's 22nd karaoke night:

Luka's Party and Night out:

Nikki's Birthday at Bloo88 (Food Only and Cocktails):

My Birthday - afternoon tea, The Rocky Horror Show (which, for the record, was absolutely fantastic! I was a RHS virgin until that night but it was so so entertaining), Fancie for breakfast pancakes and drinks with my two best boys:

And that's it so far...The majority of my close friends birthdays' are over the Summer. Vicky's is coming up in June, D and Katie's in July and then a few others scattered here and there! Birthdays are always fun, I love them, even when they aren't my own! Everyone's always in the best mood and really excited to be together. I can't wait for Vicky's birthday, lots of fun to be had!

N xo

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