Friday, 14 June 2013

Flashback Friday - Bloo88

Let's flashback to March...

March is always a good month due to numerous close friends having birthdays, which inevitably means - FOOD. We alll love a good outing for some food and Friday night was not to disappoint. Nikki, who celebrated her 22nd birthday, decided on Bloo 88 on West Street in Sheffield. Now, this is somewhere I had never been but had always heard people talk about (and I have since found out I know the very lovely owner!) and I’m one that likes to try things for myself rather than listening to the hype surrounding it (an example of this, Nandos; everybody loves it, talks about how incredible it is - I feel it is just overpriced distinctly average fast food). I’ve always been incredibly intrigued by this place due its typical Victorian fronting and  inside was no disappointment. Decked out with rustic tables, bare brick (always a winner with me) and a million and one interesting bottles behind the bar I was already happy with my visit.

So, back to the point, we went to Bloo 88 and it was 2 for 1 pizza night (meaning £7.95-£9.95 for two pizzas) - amazing! What more could you want?

The menu consisted of a small section of pizzas but with very exciting combinations; you had your standard Margarita, Hawaiian and the  Mediterranean Goats Cheese, Tomatoes, Mushrooms and Spinach, Spicy Pepperoni with Parma Ham and Jalapenos. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! Typical boring me stuck with the Mediterranean - anything with Goats Cheese lures in in straight away.

We ordered our pizzas and cocktails and were very, very impressed. The drinks menu consisted of a variety of weird and wonderful concoctions. I shared a big passion fruit pitcher which was served to us in a lovely mason jar and for £14 I definitely couldn't complain. The drink itself was lovely and we got a lot for our money. Result! 

Then, the arrival of the pizzas. Fairly quick service for an after work Friday night meal and we were definitely not disappointed when the food arrived. The pizzas were incredible; the dough was just right, the ingredients were fresh and excellent quality.

So all in all, a very pleasant experience and I will definitely be heading back there very soon. 

Well done Bloo 88, keep up the good work!

Check them out online (where there is a food and drink menu - mmm!), on Facebook and on Twitter.

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