Friday, 28 June 2013

Flashback Friday - Graduation

November 14th 2012; Graduation Day. I can't believe it's been over a year since I finished University now and that's really made me think about how much has changed in a year and also, Graduation. It was such a lovely day and it was nice to see all the proud parents and families gathering to celebrate our big achievements. I'd convinced myself I wasn't bothered about my Graduation and that I was just thankful all the stress and my life in the library was over but as the day arrived, I was very excited. The panic of 'I hope I don't fall over walking across the stage' set in and it was nice to see some of the friends I hadn't seen since University finished. And you know what, I was and still am bloody proud of myself! I worked very hard for my degree and I'm glad I felt proud that day.

My ceremony began at 11am so we wanted to get a few snaps in first...

The boys

Lucy and I - she got me through final year 

Emily had her Law Graduation on the same day - I would have crumbled without her during those final months. 
Apparently we didn't look like we were enjoying ourselves...

The boys looking dapper!

We were lucky enough to have Sir Robert Winston and (to the right of me) Elliott Kennedy at our ceremony 

My very proud Grandma

 A photo with Chantelle was needed - my first uni friend when I moved into halls all those years ago.

Afterwards we went to Piccollinos for food and took some more pictures in the Winter Gardens.

Despite the look on my Dad's face, I am so glad I could make my Parents proud of me on that day. They had stuck by me through it all - all the blood, sweat and tears - and I can't thank them enough.

Unfortunately, my Grandad had been very ill a few days before, so he was the only missing piece of the Graduation puzzle for me that day. So, after the ceremony and our lovely lunch, I drove back home in my cap and gown to surprise him; not a chance I could miss out on him sharing that day with me.

And, I even managed to get back to Sheffield in time for a few cocktails at the Bowery with my closest friends. 

Graduation was pretty much perfect - so I would urge anybody with a Graduation coming up - look forward to it, you may think it's 'lame' and you're just glad it's over but you will remember that day for the rest of your life.

Who would have thought I would be a Bachelor of Arts English Graduate, Class of 2012. Madness!

N xo

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