Friday, 7 June 2013

Flashback Friday

I've decided to do a few weeks of 'Flashback Friday' - revisiting a few good places I've visited over the twelve months. I started this blog after graduating last year but have only been with Blogger since the beginning of May so I thought by recapping some of my outings from the past year, it provides something nice to read for you and a trip down memory lane for myself, after all, this blog is a hobby and it's nice to keep track of where I've been and what I'm up to!

This time last year marked the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. I spent that weekend in Salisbury; some of my favourite memories are from my visits down to Salisbury, and I miss those people that I shared them with, from my first visit, to 50th birthday parties, getting stuck in traffic at 32 degrees, spending time with Grace and Alfie, the kitties...I always felt welcome and it was really nice to have a change of scenery. Not only is there history to the place, there's also the beauty of being in the countryside, something I love.

I spent the Jubilee Celebrations at Hudson's Field where they did a big family picnic-style day with amusement rides, craft tents, archery tents, allsorts. It was great fun and we all had a fantastic day. We ended the day having a long walk home in the sunshine to watch the Jubilee Concert that Gary Barlow had organised. It truly was a really lovely day.

For those of you that don't know, Salisbury is the home of world heritage site (UNESCO), Stonehenge. Again, for those of you that don't know, this is a monument that was built BC, and is a ring of stones that has remained in the same position for the duration. It is described as a sun worshipping ground with the Summer Solstice held there every year - you must go to this if you get the chance, I never did but it is meant to be amazing.

As well as Stonehenge, the other famous tourist hotspot is Salisbury Cathedral. I used to mock Salisbury for this, it's such a small place and only called a city because of its cathedral!, but it is pretty impressive. Impressive points: the tallest spire in the UK, the worlds oldest working clock AND the best original (of four) copies of the Magna Carta.

Okay, so these two historical visits won't be everybody's cup of tea, so there are tea rooms, gardens, shops, country walks...something for everyone! So don't be put off - the countryside is beautiful and there's always something to do.

I will really miss visiting this summer, not just for the people but it genuinely was a home from home for me. I'm glad I was lucky enough to spend some time there and see what the South has to offer.

N xo

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