Thursday, 13 June 2013

Graze Craze

Over the last couple of months, I've discovered and fully jumped on the Graze bandwagon. I end up spending so much money on food, especially during the week when I have work so when a colleague gave me a voucher for a free Graze box (with the first and fifth box being free, usual price £3.89 - they usually have offers on or sign up deals so look out for those!) I knew I had to give Graze a go!

This is how it works:

There is an array of choice, it is delivered First Class - they even email you to say it is on its way and then again after delivery to see if you liked your products. You can log into your own personalised account and select 'Love', 'Like', 'Try' or 'Bin' and you can also tick a 'Send Me Soon' option - by doing this, you can tailor your order to suit your taste buds. The selection is incredible; olives, flapjacks, healthy popcorn, savoury, chocolate treats, seeds and nuts, fruit and, just recently, they have released Graze Brownies and an afternoon tea selection. The best bit? All of it is actually healthy, some things more than others of course, but they send you four things that are healthy snacks, as well as being a controlled and filling portion size.

They have their own qualified nutrionist who has tailored all of these snacks to include vitamins, positive health benefits or simply to just be a healthier snack or treat. The above chart (taken from the Graze website) shows how you can tailor your orders with various symbols to show how the snack is good for you. As you can see, Graze really has it together and knows how to appeal to those who are health conscious.

As well as being able to tailor the orders using the above symbols to identify the positive factors of choosing certain snacks, they also have nutrition plans for you to really benefit from your Graze deliveries.

Eatwell, Boost or Light - Graze can really help you control your bad snacking habits with strict, but still delicious, snack boxes. My first two boxes were the Eatwell Boxes and my last three have been the Light Boxes - all have which has been fantastic - filling, satisfying snacks that taste fresh and appetising despite being posted to me. You don't have to follow these nutirition plans, you can just have random snacks sent to you with the Love/Like/Try option, but if you're calorie conscious, on a specific/strict diet or just wanting to watch what you eat, these boxes are ideal. They also offer Dairy-free, Vegan and Coeliac specific snacks to meet your dietary requirements.

I'm a big believer in the 80/20 rule - 80% healthy, 20% naughty. Graze helps you follow that.

Delivery is always free, the boxes are always on time, the snacks are great and it's really easy to swap and change your delivery dates online. You can even see what snacks you are due to be sent and change, should you wish. I have my box every three weeks as a treat but you can have them weekly, fortnightly or monthly - AND something that really impresses me, you can set holiday dates on your account so they won't be sent should you be away. Graze really have thought about everything and I'm really glad I discovered just how good they are. I feel like I've read every diet and health book/blog/magazine but with the help of Graze, I feel like I've curbed my bad snacking for more wholesome snacking.

Here's a couple of my recent boxes and what snacking goodness is in them:
Shangri-La - lingonberries, pineapple, almond slices and pumpkin seeds
Pistachios - toasted
Mango Chutney - with black pepper dippers - only 80 calories!
Super Berry Detox - blueberries, green raisins, goji berries and cranberries

Bonnie Wee Oatbakes - Gorgeous little oatcakes with caramalised onion chutney - my favourite Graze snack
Healthy popping corn - black pepper
New Afternoon Tea Banana Bread - with dates, honey and figs and a guilt free tea bag
Olives - lemon and rosemary

Try them, they're delicious. I have a few free friend codes as well that I don't mind sharing with you; it means you can get your first box free! So do let me know and jump on the Graze Craze with me!

Top four charts - taken from the Graze website
Two Graze boxes - my own]

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