Saturday, 1 June 2013

VISITED: I heart Manchester

Today I've had the most lovely day! Me and D went to Manchester to meet his sister and cousin for some shopping, food and cocktails, my favourite!

We started the day off with a quick visit to Costa before the train as I was in need of a pick-me-up coffee cooler after a few drinks yesterday evening. The weather was particularly perfect today so I was looking forward to a nice train journey...but apparently, so was everybody else; the train was rammed. Luckily, an hour later we arrived and headed to Urban Outfitters for a little retail therapy. I really like Urban Outfitters, but surprisingly, nothing caught my eye today, but that's typical isn't it, pay day arrives and you can never find anything you want! After that, I had to contain my excitement - Selfridges and Harvey Nichols; anywhere that has both of my faves in one city is definitely a winner. As expected, an hour later I emerged with the notorious Chanel bag and was a very happy girl.

Next, Tampopo. For those of you that don't know, this is Tampopo - delicious South East Asian food that is notoriously healthy, reasonably priced and in a lovely surrounding. Our trip did not disappoint. We had some Spiced Thai Prawn Crackers with sweet chilli sauce to start, and accompany our Tiger beers, while we waited for D's sister and boyfriend. After getting a little lost (bearing in mind they actually live in Manchester), I got to meet them both and we settled down, all discussing what to order. I personally was very excited about the food as you obviously all know I'm travelling to South East Asia very soon so the food will be somewhat similar to what I'll be experiencing. I decided on Bo Luc Lac which was a wok fried steak in sesame, soy and oyster sauce with rice and a yummy side salad. Perfect choice as I thoroughly enjoyed it and managed the whole meal with chopsticks, winner! We all enjoyed our meals, the service was exceptional (our waitress could not have been more attentive).

Leaving, very happy and full customers, we headed into the Arndale Centre for the high street stores, namely Topshop. I'm a typical girl and love Topshop but, as with Urban Outfitters, could not find anything at all that caught my eye. Obviously a sign that I should save my money for more Chanel...

Just when we were beginning to get a little bored of the lack of high street, D's cousin rang to say they had finished their late lunch and to meet them at Room on King Street. Not knowing what to expect, we plodded through the city centre to be met with a very impressive cocktail bar. Going up a grand staircase to be met by a beautiful room with high ceilings and modern decor, we took a seat and browsed through the extensive cocktail menu. The only problem? That much choice that it was impossible to know what to pick. I always find cocktails to be one of those things that you don't want to risk picking something you aren't going to be keen on. So I played it safe with a Cosmopolitan, D's sister had a mojito and the boys stuck to beers. The others arrived and it was clear it wasn't going to be 'a couple of drinks' kind of affair.

A few hours later, lots of laugh and copious empty cocktails on our table, we left, very merry and well acquainted. I've even got a cheeky weekend invite later on this month to a birthday event! 

D and I headed for the station and had a less hectic journey back to Sheffield. I genuinely have had the nicest day with the best company. Realistically, any day that involves shopping, food and cocktails is going to go down well with me. Manchester, I will be back very soon!

N xo

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