Monday, 17 June 2013

Sculpt Hair Gallery

Over the last couple of years, my friends and I have decided that rather than buy loads of random presents for birthdays, having a day out or buying each other an 'experience' instead is a much better way to spend our money and have the memories to take from it.

So, back in March, I bought Luka a Vintage Hair Styling Workshop Taster. This included 2 hours of Vintage Hairstyling at the Sculpt Hair Gallery in Hockley, Nottingham - with tea and cake too, our favourite! We weren't sure what to expect so trudged to Hockley, quite early in the morning, to arrive here...

We walked in, told them we were there, popped our coats on the coat stand and our bags out of the way and waited for everybody to arrive - there were about 12-14 of us in total and the idea was to be shown a tutorial beforehand and work in pairs to do each others hair. Straight away I couldn't help but laugh to myself, I am not girly in the slightest and have no idea how to do hair. Poor Luka having to leave her hair styling to me! Nightmare!

The place was quite simply decorated but it oozed character and the staff were really, really friendly and welcoming. We gathered round the mirror ready for our demonstration...

We were shown how to do victory rolls in the back and a victory roll in the front. She made it look so easy! The reality was, as expected, that it was much harder than it looked.

The mannequin makes it look so well styled.

Next, the tea and cake...I am a big fan of China tea cups, you look and feel so much more sophisticated drinking from a delicate cup.

So, a cup of tea down us and it was down to business. My glamorous hair model awaited the disaster I was about to create on her mop!

My first attempt was as expected, TERRIBLE. I felt so bad, I bought her a lovely present then my efforts were going to be pretty poor. Mum, these are the things you should have taught me how to do when I was younger! 

So I tried again and got it looking a little better; short hair and layers definitely make it difficult to do this. So make sure you ask these kinds of questions. The girls are really helpful and give advice and show you varying ways to tackle different cuts/styles/thickness of hair to make these looks much easier.

The front felt much easier...

We definitely got the best seat in the place - right in front of the window with a beautiful mirror to style our hair in. Luka was loving it and felt like a hairdresser. And then it was my turn...

I couldn't help but admire the tasteful little quirks of the place.

Luka was, as expected, MUCH better at this than me, possibly because she has more patience. But look at her, she's beautiful, you can tell she makes more effort and takes more time to do those girly things! I have no patience and no skill, hence my messy hair and smeared makeup!

It does take quite a while to do these hair styles, there's a lot of working and reworking involved as it is near impossible to get it right first time. Luka made a brilliant job (and I think she was grateful my hair is so long as it makes things much easier!)...

This was a life saver, definitely invest in some if you need a good quality, firm holding hairspray...

And then we were both ready to go for a little shop with out newly styled hair...

All in all, a really lovely couple of hours. I was disappointed I didn't get to try out the beehive (I am DESPERATE to learn how to style a proper beehive) but it was really lovely to do something different and it was fun (if a little frustrating!) to style each others hair. And the main thing, Luka seemed to really enjoy it which was all I cared about really! Friendly staff, really good value for money and the music they had on in there was brilliant! They have a million and one different workshops so make sure you call up or have a look online because it really is a couple of hours well spent!

Thanks for having us Sculpt, if you have any beehive workshops coming up, let me know!

Visit them Online or on Facebook.

N xo

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