Friday, 7 June 2013

Sunday Lovin'

I've been a bit jumbled in my posts this week, sorry guys! But Sunday was FUN. Vicky, Luka, my parents, Luka's Pops and I spent a lovely family-kinda-day together! My Parents and Luka's Pops have met a handful of times before, but this time he brought his Girlfriend with him (who is lovely, might I add!). The girls had never tried The Riverside, so we decided to head over (it's that close you can see it from their balcony).

Now, I've only ever been for one meal there and a few drinks, but was very impressed (I think I had a Falafel wrap and it was top notch). Sundays can only mean one thing - Sunday Lunch! And Sunday lunch in my family means Roast Beef and Yorkshire Puds!

Luckily, the menu was mainly Sunday Lunch today with a few burgers, wraps etc. just incase the British Roast doesn't tickle your fancy, if it doesn't, you are mad! So it was Roast Beef all around, apart from Vicky who opted for Pork. 

We were told our table was outside in the garden area which was a prime spot for glorious sunshine and warmth of the day. The atmosphere was lovely by the river, the company was brilliant and then the food came...

Not quite what we expected but we were impressed by the inventiveness of the presentation. Yeah, I know it's only a big Yorkshire Pudding with everything in it and the meat on top but it isn't what we expected, I'm easily impressed by the unexpected!

We dug in and for £7.95 it was just what we wanted. The staff were helpful, it was lovely to be sat outside to enjoy the weather (after all, British summer time is often a couple of days here and there realistically!)

After that we went to my absolute favourite place in Sheffield - The Our Cow Molly Farm ShopMy love for Our Cow Molly Ice Cream is now on a par with my love for Fancie Cupcakes - I am obsessed!

I just can't understand why somebody wouldn't love this Farm Shop - baby cows, the countryside, fresh air, delicious ice cream, lovely staff - sounds perfect, right?

And this little fella? I wanted to take him home. As did my Mum, who spent a good twenty minutes, crouched down speaking to him, my Mum is a BIG animal lover, so this is quite normal.

My Parents had never been before, and I always go on about how good the ice cream is. I inherited my love of ice cream (and cake, chocolate, cookies...) from my Dad, so he was very excited when Vicky said we should meander up to the Farm Shop. He had the Cherry Cheesecake, my recommendation, my Mum stuck to classic Vanilla and I went for the double scoop waffle cone with Cherry Bakewell and Panna Cotta. You know when you eat something and it was that good you could eat it again? That's what Our Cow Molly Ice Cream is like.

A hour or so later, we all left, happy customers and returned to the girls flat for a quick cup of tea before they all left, cars filled with years worth of things ready for the big moving out.

N xo

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