Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Lescar

I've spoken about the Lescar before in a recent blog post; it's the perfect drinking pub - plenty of seating, a brilliant drink selection and a lovely atmosphere. The Lescar has been a regular occurance in my life for the past four years but last night, I ate there for the first time. And, you know what, I was surprised - it was lovely! 

I wasn't surprised because it was the Lescar that produced nice food, I just don't normally like to expect a lot from 'pub grub' as I've had far too many experiences of partially microwaved side dishes, cook from frozen mains and overall, a lot of bad food. But, this didn't happen at the Lescar.

We arrived and sat outside for a drink and had a browse through the menu.

The starters/sharers section really jumped out at me; I think the selection is amazing and I wanted to try everything on there - especially the Vegetarian Board. I'm VERY predictable when it comes to starters - I always want nachos, always. As for mains, it was a toss up between the Avocado burger and the Salmon fishcakes; I opted for the latter. I always think salmon fishcakes are a main you can easily whip up at home, but I really fancied them with the chunky wedges.

Another drink later, the nachos arrived...
I was very excited, ask D! They served those chunky nachos that make gucamole, sour cream and salsa taste even better. They lacked cheese a little but that didn't bother us too much, we still managed to eat them (plus, I have an intolerance to dairy so shouldn't reeeally have cheese anyway, oops!)

Their quick service impressed us and not long after the mains arrived; my salmon fishcakes, and D opted for fish and chips...

Big portions, good quality food and well presented - ticked all the boxes for me. The fishcakes were beautiful and D said his fish and chips were delish! The only problem was, we had filled up on that many nachos and couldn't finish the mains; all the same, we battled through as much as possible. Very impressed with the food and enough to make me want to pop!

After dinner, our best friend Ollie came to meet us for a post-work beer. I hadn't seen him for absolutely ages so we were well overdue a catch up. It's always nice to see Ollie and he always has a story for us! It's always a shame we leave it so long to meet up.

All in all, a very lovely evening. I love the Lescar; in my eyes it can do no wrong, even now it's had a lick of paint and it's lost it's 'worn, tired' appeal. The food was beautiful and I will definitely eat there again. The staff are always friendly and really helpful as well which is a bonus.

The Lescar has my heart! <3

Check them out online, on Facebook and on Twitter - they have a fair few regular evenings and events on that are worth checking out!

N xo

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