Saturday, 8 June 2013

Travel Planning: Making a start

Flights booked, checked. Passports in date, check. Route planned, erm...

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Okay, so I know backpacking/travelling is all about the spontaneity and the 'embracing life', 'YOLO' cringe, etc etc. but you need to bare in mind, there's visas to think about, vaccinations, having a rough idea on how much time you want to stay in one place so you don't miss something amazing - despite what some travel 'experts' say on the internet, I truly believe you need a plan. 

It's that time of year that many uni-goers, graduates, risk-takers are planning their travels so I thought, I'd plan mine with you. I'm very well travelled thanks to my Ma and Pa, they really have taken me to the most incredible places during my short 22 years and I am VERY grateful for that. With the exception of a few treks, rainforest/jungle/middle-of-nowhere trips, we've always done it the comfortable way - yes, 5*'s, cocktails on the beach - so backpacking is a whole new thing to me. Most of my friends will laugh at the prospect of me backpacking for 6 months (yes, I know you will be!) but I couldn't be more excited. Of course it's lovely to do it the comfortable way, but living out of a back, flitting from place to place and not knowing what you could be doing from one day to the next is exciting and it's just what I need. I want that life experience, I want to embrace the cultures properly, with the locals, with the hostels and the street food and the trekking - not just lay on a beach for 6 months, well...there will be a lot of relaxation and beach-ing around but, you get what I'm saying!

So today, I have spent a chunk of my day scouring the web, namely Lonely Planet, for some inspiration and to make some plans really. I couldn't think of anything worse than spending all of that time away, eventually returning home and realising something amazing had been missed or overlooked. Obviously, backpackers befriend other backpackers so we may learn about non-touristy things that could be a million times better than the suggestions of Lonely Planet, but the internet is an incredible place to find recommendations, opinions and advice from other travellers than have been there, done that, bought the tshirt (or in my case it will be 'bought the majority of the stock of the South East Asian nic-nacs).

Now I know the flight is booked, today I focused on Thailand. I've been before, many years ago to Bangkok and Hua Hin with my parents. We stayed in the Hilton, which was amazing and we did it the comfortable way. I wouldn't change the experience, Thailand was a real eye opening experience, especially Bangkok.

As we are only going to be in Bangkok for one afternoon/night, I think we will stick to Khao San Road - given the tag 'the backpackers hub of the universe'. I am thinking the plan will be night market, street food, open top bar and not a lot of sleep...after all, we'll be relaxing on the Thai islands for at least a week after that.

Thailand will consist of relaxation, sunning ourselves and on the 19th, one of the world-famous Full Moon parties. I CANNOT WAIT. We've all done Thailand before, so I think it'll be a matter of hopping from island to island.

Photograph from here.

From Thailand we will move on to Cambodia, a place I never really thought about going, but from what I've heard, it is incredible. So stay posted for more of my travel planning!

And, if any of you out there have any suggestions, advice on good things to see/do, please do get in touch!

N xo


  1. Great post :) I like the same, embracing the culture, adventure, excitement etc. I envy you! I'd love to go to Thailand, but I think it's not going to happen before next year...

    1. Thanks Tom! You never know, I only decided in April I was leaving my job and planning a 6 month+ trip!