Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Vicky turns 22!

This week I was lucky enough to have Monday and Tuesday off work, for a brilliant reason; yesterday was Vicky's 22nd birthday.

As you know, Sunday we went for our delicious Afternoon Tea at Signature but Monday and Tuesday, we upped our game. Monday night, we ventured to Slug and Lettuce at the Cornerhouse in Nottingham. Monday nights mean one thing in Slug and Lettuce - 50% off. Yes that's right, 50% off! So not only is that crazy stupid value for money, the food is actually really, really good. I usually opt for one of their falafel options, but this time, Vicky and I decided to throw caution to the wind (and our 'diets') and shared an enormous Seafood Platter...and a falafel wrap on the side, just for 'balance'.

So this arrived...SO NICE. 

Seafood Platter
Birthday Girl

Little Miss Piggy

Little Miss Photobomb

After S&L, we made our way around a few bars. Surprisingly, Monday night in Nottingham seemed to be very, very quiet. So we went down to a local club to check out the entertainment - breakdancing. Yes, that's right, Monday night is breakdancing night. Sounds horrendous right? really wasn't, at all. It was absolutely fascinating to watch and I am madly jealous of how amazing they all were at dancing. And best of all, Katie got up in there and showed them all how it's done. I felt like a proud Mother at this point, she nailed it! Unfortunately, due to excitement and not wanting to be rude, I didn't manage to get any pictures or videos of any of this. Gutted. Next time, I definitely will so I can show all of you!

After a late night, we managed a bit of a lie in before Luka left to go and work Glastonbury but Vicky was keen to get up and open her presents and cards so we headed downstairs for a breakfast of cupcakes and present opening. I can't tell you one of the presents I got Vicky as it is something we are also doing for Katie's birthday too. And I know how eager you are for clues, Powell!

But that afternoon, we headed out for a Pedicure and a spot of lunch. I'm not normally a fan of cheap pub food, but the Wetherspoons in Mapperley has a particularly nice outdoor seating area. So we all indulged in a tasty burger - which was enormous and very, very tasty.

We also had a quick nip in the famous Cheesecake Shop to show Katie too...managing to resist temptation for once!

After that, we headed back, chilled out and all in all, we've had a lovely few days of celebrating Vicky's 22nd birthday. It's made me even more excited and eager to get away travelling now as it's been lovely to spend so much time with the girls.

Roll on September! 11 weeks to go...

N xo

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