Friday, 14 June 2013

Wined and Dined

Beering and Eating is a more suitable way to describe it but that doesn't really have the same ring to it now, does it? Honestly though, perfect night in. I know, 'nothing's perfect' but last night it was for me, I needed a night of relaxation and a bit of wining and dining. D upped the game and made the nicest chicken dish, apparently Cambodian, but neither of us is sure what it's called, so if anybody knows, please tell me!

I received this yesterday...

 You can't help but laugh when anything is said in Rolf Harris Stylee!

D's signature dishes are stir fry and chicken salad, so I had no idea what he had up his sleeve. How cute is he for making such an effort though! He even told me he would look for something that didn't make me freak out because of my current healthy eating obsession. Hearts.

I got in from work to this...
Straight away I knew this was going to be good. Then this arrived in front of me on the table...


So so good. I really need to find out what it is called because I have to eat this again. The marinade with the cucumber sticks tastes brilliant, as does the lime on the chicken. D, I'm impressed.

After tea, we took our Chang upstairs and this happened...

I know, I know, GoT has already finished, but I am impatient in the sense that I cannot wait a week to watch the next episode so I have to watch a season all in one go, I cannot stand the suspense! D had downloaded them all and set this up, what a babe! Armed with Galaxy and beer we managed to get through three episodes. What more could a girl want that Galaxy, beer and Game of Thrones? I was a bit disappointed that 'Winter is coming' and 'Where are my draaaagons?!' were not said in these episodes but there is still time yet.

A night in was just what I needed, especially when it involved not having to lift a finger!

I am sat writing this with a big grin on my face with 'that' Friday feeling. Life is good!

N xo

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