Monday, 1 July 2013

Another trip to Fancie...

I love Fancie. You all know it, I tell you a lot, but I do. They are inventive, their menu leaves me in a frenzy of 20 minutes of mind changing and I could eat every single beautifully iced cupcake and traybake they display on their counter.

As you know from my other trips, I've been for Breakfast, Dinner, Supperclub, a random pot of tea at lunch...but never lunch, until yesterday.

The end of June/beginning of July has always marked moving day for my friends and I in Sheffield. As you know, I've already moved back home to Nottingham now but I still wanted to get involved with the annual Sheffield move. Emily moved from her old flat to a new house in Crookes so I offered to lend a hand. My tiny car required a few trips and she has moved from an attic room, to another attic room. so. many. stairs. So after all the sweat, heavy lifting and laughter at home unfit/pathetic we were, a trip to Fancie was what is needed. And it's surprising just how many excuses we can find and make to allow ourselves a trip to Fancie.

I love the Ecclesall Road store. The decore is how I want my future kitchen (bare brick, wooden paneling, rustic tables, chalkboards, flowers etc), the staff are always lovely, it's always well run with very little waiting time from the moment you enter until the moment you leave. It's always a pleasure to eat there and yesterday was no exception.

We sat down to a well deserved raspberry lemonade and had a browse through the menu. Despite a smaller menu at lunch times (and always a special board), it still took me ages to decide. I like to try something different every time I go as I always see eating out as a means of trying something that you wouldn't necessarily think to cook at home. Em and I both decided on the crispy fish sandwich with a side of sweet potato wedges to share. If you go, you must have the sweet potato wedges, they are to die for. I make them at home, but  they are never as good as Fancie's.

As we were waiting, we had a quick browse at the cake fridge, we have to pick our post-meal treat just incase they all go y'know. The food flew out of the kitchen much quicker than expected which I was very impressed by. We've never had to wait long at all before but this was in record time. Good work!

And this is what arrived...

A toasted ciabatta with crispy salmon and cod on a bed of mixed leaves with avocado salsa and smoked chilli with radishes and a slice of lime. Yes, it was as good as it sounds, if not better!

I'm going through a Pescatarian phase again so this was just what I wanted!

Now, I mean it when I say this...This was the best food I have ever had when visiting Fancie. It beat any of the cupcakes hands down. Note: this is a very bold statement for me as I would always choose sweet stuff/cake over actual food. But this was incredible. I would definitely recommend it to anybody visiting during the daytime. The fish was perfectly cooked with not-too-much-crisp. The avocado salsa was delicious and the mixed leaves were crisp and fresh.

We could have both eaten this again as it was that good and I was pleased Emily enjoyed it quite as much as I did. I only have friends that like food, I need somebody to share that passion with! Luckily it just happened, I'm not that selective over who I befriend!

After our delicious sandwich we tried one of the specials...

A Crunchy Nut Cake slice - an Almond and Honey cake base, a peanut butter caramel layer of goodness and the Fancie icing crumbled with peanuts, biscuit and honey crunch.

Wow. This was good. I definitely do not regret not having a cupcake. I've started to try the Fancie traybakes and specials on our visits now as they always look incredible, and they taste pretty darn good too.
This didn't disappoint one bit and I think Emily was a bit gutted we had shared (we could have both had more cake!)

As usual, a lovely trip to Fancie. Incredible food, as I said, the best trip I've had food-wise (and I've eaten there a lot in the past few months).

Please visit. They are a fantastic example of what Sheffield's local, independent businesses have to offer. Their bakery is now open next door too! They have their Winter Gardens store AND the Sharrow Vale Road store. You have no excuse! Visit in the centre of town, as a break from the hustle and bustle of Ecclesall Road (where you can go for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner OR a cake break!), for take out at the Bakery and, to my favourite on Sharrow Vale for a little 'me time'.

Visit them online, on Facebook, on Twitter - but more importantly, visit them in person. They treat every customer in that lovely, friendly way that makes you feel special. This sounds very cringeworthy but it is very true. And after all, it is what makes me want to keep going back time and time again.

N xo

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