Monday, 29 July 2013

Cocktails and Sandcastles

As you know I love birthdays - spending a day with your nearest and dearest celebrating is too much fun! This weekend was no different as my beautiful best friend turned 22! We have all been rushed off our feet recently due to work and tying up loose ends before we set off on our travels so we were long overdue a weekend together.

Back in June, you'll probably remember us celebrating Vicky's 22nd, if not have a look here. Oh and I made her this cakeAs a present I bought her an 'experience' rather than an actual present. We've come to realise over the past couple of years that we never actually need anything for our birthdays present-wise so have opted for days or nights out as a present. With this in mind, I booked the four of us (for both Katie and Vicky's birthday) a cocktail making masterclass. This included three cocktails each and pizza! Come on,it wouldn't be me unless food was involved it! We managed to keep the night a secret from Katie during the month between Vicky and Katie's birthday and ventured to Suede bar near Hockley in Nottingham on Friday evening.

We realised as we walked across the road that we had actually been to the same place a few years back, under a different name, but when we walked in, the place had been transformed. Sleek, sophisticated and instantly inviting, Suede looked like the place for us. We were greeted by Antonio and Nick and they explained the format of our deal - we could make the cocktails ourselves, try making one then leave Nick to the rest or be ladies of leisure and be waited on if we preferred. We agreed we wanted to give it a go making our own. So, we got to it; Nick talked us through it step by step while Antonio disappeared to make our pizzas. We didn't look quite as glamorous as we had hoped but it was fun; it made me miss working in a bar! The first cocktail we whipped up was the Jango - gin, manho, aloe Vera juice and sugar syrup. And it was GOOD! We found ourselves a lovely little table by the window and chattered away. The pizzas soon arrived and we got stuck in! The time whizzed by and we bid farewell to Suede. The deal was brilliant, the bar itself was sophisticated and relaxed; the guys have clearly got a good set up. If you get chance, head down to Suede; it's only been open a couple of months but I predict good things for the place! 

Here's a few snaps:

After Suede we headed to a few more places before calling it a night! 
Check out our amazing cocktail below - served in a sandcastle bucket, topped with cinnamon to look like sand - craazy?!

We had a lot of fun and it was lovely to catch up on the past few weeks. If you ever get the chance to go and learn how to make cocktails - do it! 

If you want to check out Suede - head to their Facebook or have a little look on their website..
N xo

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