Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Lazy Sunday

Katie and I definitely felt the after effects of the night before which meant sleeping, struggling with some toast and a lot of laughing at ourselves. Vicky came to join us in our self-pity party and we had a bit of a natter before I headed home, via subway, as I'd pretty much moved into Katie's since Friday.

The drive back was lovely and I was a little bundle of embarrassing smiles after such a lovely weekend with my friends. These times really make me appreciate having such a close-knit group of best friends.

I returned home and cured my hangover in the best way possible...

With Bracken, my Mum and a long walk in the fresh air. This walk was...eventful. We intended on a very short one, even announcing 'we'll take this shortcut'. Note: this was NOT a shortcut. This was a trek. Bracken was loving it, my Mum was confused and I was trying not to panic due to the thunder and rain clouds in the distance. I'm a big baby when it comes to thunder and lightening, so putting me on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere with rumbles in the background isn't my idea of relaxation. We managed to dodge the weather and had the nicest walk to date. Two hours later we returned home to my very confused Dad who wondered what had happened to our half an hour walk.

We even got chance to see my old pony, Choccy.

I absolutely love heading out into the countryside near my house. There truly is nothing better than being in the peace and quiet of the woods and fields enjoying the fresh air. 

N xo

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