Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Life after the Juice Cleanse.

So, it's over. Thank God. I know I didn't exactly follow it properly at all, but day 1 was sheer hell. The juices were revolting, bleh! The juices of day 2 and day 3 were much, much nicer but I did find that they bloated me so much, making my mood drop completely as I felt disgusting.

The Juice Cleanse guide (Superjuice for those of you that don't know - have a look on day 1's post) advises you to ease yourself back into eating quite gently. They advise no red meat, no dairy apart from natural/live yoghurt and plenty of salad, vegetables and fruit - it is important that you do not overindulge as your body.

Back to normal:

Porridge made with water and a splash of skimmed milk with prunes and dried apricots - And Vogue, of course.

Mixed leaf salad with tomato, cucumber, spring onion, roast chicken and a little balsamic glaze

Spinach, Ricotta and Pine Nut Filo Pie, Panzanella side salad and rosemary new potatoes - (Spinach and Ricotta Pie recipe will be popped up on here this week as it was delicious!)

This is more like it! I really am desperate to drop a few pounds but...I love food too much. I can't deny it, I love food. And I'd rather be happily enjoying food than getting upset because I am restricting myself. The battle between wanting food and trying not to have it isn't psychologically good for you, well it isn't for me anyway. If you exercise, eat fairly healthily (even by the 80:20 way - 80% healthy, 20% naughty!), you will be more than fine. I'm living by the rule of: if I overindulge one day, I eat healthily the next day and hit the gym!

N xo

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