Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Party Time!

Saturday began with a slightly sore head (on my part) and a well deserved lie in after Friday nights Cocktail Making extravaganza. Katie's 22nd birthday had finally arrived and we had a night of fun to look forward to. We spent the day relaxing which was definitely needed.

We waited for her Mum to return home before the cards and presents were opened and sat outside for a relaxing breakfast. Next year, I want a day like this for my birthday; how often do you get a day to sit down, relax and have an excuse to wear no makeup? - Not very often! It allowed us to slowly get ready and mentally prepare for the antics of the evening.

Late afternoon we decided to get ready once Abbie had arrived so we could head to Slug & Lettuce for a pre-meal drink. It was lovely to catch up with Abbie having not seen her for well over a year! 

We got ready and managed to fit in a few snaps of Katie in her beautiful Kardashian dress.

My outfit : Skirt: Missguided, Crop Top: Topshop, Shoes: New Look, Watch: Tag

So we got to Slug & Lettuce, just about dodging the monsoon-like conditions we've been experiencing. We made our way to our reserved table and waited for the others to arrive.

Then we heard those words...the ones you always want to hear before a big night out...two for one on cocktails, including pitchers. Woah!

Now at this point we had already ordered a few bottles of wine while we waited but this was a promising offer for later on.

Everybody arrived, we chatted away and placed our orders. I opted for the Goats Cheese and caramelised onion flatbread (yes, I'm a creature of habit!) and shared some criss cross wedges with Abbie. By this point the wine had...disappeared, so we ordered our pitchers.

The food arrived and did not disappoint...

I am yet to experience a bad meal at Slug & Lettuce. Honestly, give it a go! I was skeptical at first -I'm not a big fan of chain restaurants - but S&L really have nailed it with their menu and quality of food. Have a look at their menu.

We gobbled up our food, polished off our pitchers and braved the stormy weather to move onto a few bars.

The rest of the night is a bit of a blur but we had a fabulous time with a great mix of people - old friends and new.

I love birthdays!

N xo

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