Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Picnic in the Park

Not quite T in the Park but it was my kinda outing to the park. With the weather remaining beautiful, I wanted to make sure I made the most of it. I was meant to go strawberry picking over the weekend but due to the heat, my own laziness and the fact I was completely engrossed in Lindsey Kelk's new book, About a Girl (seriously, check it out, it's sooo good - that good I read it all in one afternoon, oops!) and the heat...strawberry picking didn't happen. Now, I'm very disappointed about this, as I said in my recent post, it reminds me of being little and going with my Grandad. That said, I will make sure, before the summer is over, that I have been strawberry picking!

So instead, I decided Dan and I would go for a picnic with two of our friends to Endcliffe Park in Sheffield. I love Endcliffe, whether it's the height of summer or a cold, frosty morning in Winter. I have a lot of memories from that place and it will always be special to me. Me being me, it was not going to be a boring picnic - glazed chicken wings, pork and apple sausages, freshly picked from the garden salad, homemade barbecue sauce, savoury rice, homemade lemonade and a bottle of wine to be consumed from my new outdoorsy mugs.

The sun was beaming down all day so I managed to sneak in a bit of sunbathing (Saturday was front tanning, Sunday was back tanning!) and, all in all, the afternoon was pretty near perfect.


You can find my barbecue sauce recipe here. You will never want shop bought BBQ Sauce again, trust me.
For the onions and peppers, I caramelised them and added a cheeky bit of balsamic vinegar.

For the chicken - I marinated it overnight in 3 tbsp soy, 2 tbsp balsamic, 2 tbsp, 2 tsp wholegrain mustard.
The next day I cooked it in the oven for half an hour, then stuck it under the grill for 3 or 4 minutes to crisp the skin a little. Very similar to this recipe I made a week or so ago.

The savoury rice is simply Uncle Ben's 2 minute microwave rice with spring onion, pepper, onion and tomatoes (all fried in a little oil) and everything mixed together.

The special sauce simply consists of mayo, ketchup and a few dashes of Tabasco.

For the homemade lemonade I squeezed the juice of 6 lemons, added 150g caster sugar and filled it up with iced water. I also added a few cheeky raspberries and a few lemon wedges in there.

And what's a picnic in the park without a nice chilled mug of white wine.

Sausage, salad, barbecue sauce and a ciabatta. 

And a bit of tanning...

And an ice cream run...

Playsuit by Henry Holland [old]

I don't need an excuse to indulge in something like this...

Homemade Lemonade...

The walk home...

It was a lovely idea and the sun beamed all afternoon. The food was ideal for a picnic situation and it was nice to have an afternoon doing absolutely nothing.

N xo

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