Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Bucket List

A while ago I told you about my Final Farewell to living in Sheffield and the party Vicky and Luka had. That evening we all did our 10 things before the end of 2013, an idea we had seen at the Riverside pub when we went for Sunday lunch . I like to have aims and little dreams of doing things in the future. I spend a lot of time daydream about things I can look forward to.


So...with this in mind, I thought, why just have a list of 10 things I want to do by the end of 2013? Why not start my very own 'Bucket List' of things I want to do, maybe even before I'm 30 so I've got a good 8 years to plow through them! I will keep adding to this if anything pops up so it may be a never ending bucket list but I guess that's half the fun of it. And it will list things I know I will do while I'm travelling but that's the whole point! AND it will comprise of anything I want to do, no matter how big, small or insignificant it seems!

Here goes...

1. Walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge [April 2014]

2. Do yoga on a beach  [October 2013]
3. Hold a Koala [February and April 2014]
4. Visit the Hot Springs in the Philippines
5. See Angkor Wat [September 2013]
6. Visit Barcelona again
7. New Years in Sydney watching the fireworks [December 2013]
8. Dye my hair blonde or at least dip dye again (I have always wanted to!) [Dip dye - July 2013]
9. Go to Morocco
10. Glastonbury festival - at least once!
11. Segwaying [August 3rd 2013]
12. Have a Polo Lesson (I had horses when I was younger and have ridden for years)
13. Road trip in a campervan [February 2014, East Coast Australia from Sydney to Cairns]
14. Go on a skiing holiday
15. Be able to use conversational Spanish well again
16. Sky dive [January 2014]
17. Volunteer in Africa or at the Sepilok Oranguatan Rehabilitation Centre in Borneo (I went years ago and it was beautiful!)
18. See the Northern Lights
19. Attend a yoga retreat
20. Tour the West Coast of America
21. Oktoberfest
22. Go to Notting Hill Carnival [August 25th 2013]
23. Learn to play Poker
24. Make my own ice cream [July 2013]
25. Watch the sun rise and set over the sea [October 2013 - several places in Asia]
26. Go to a Sushi Making Masterclass
27. Play 'Captain' on a boat in an exotic place [October 2013 - Halong Bay]
28. Own a cat
29. Visit Crete and spend time there eating beautiful Greek food
30. Live in a different country for a while [November 2013 - June 2014 - Australia]
31. Learn to meditate [2013-2014]
32. Donate blood for a second time [June 2013]
33. Write my own book
34. Go to Ascot
35. Go to Wimbledon
36. Get over my fear of coleslaw (yes, I do have an irrational fear of coleslaw)
37. Spend Christmas in a hot country [December 2013]
38. See the fireworks in Sydney for New Year [NYE 2013]
39. Spend a whole weekend at Tramlines in Sheffield [July 2013]
40. Learn how to surf [October 2013 - Kuta, Bali]
41. Buy a new car [July 2014]
42. Visit Fiji
43. Take part in a cookery course whilst on my travels [September 2013, Cambodia]
44. Live in London
45. Go to Prague
46. Travel Europe
47. Go to a festival in Croatia
48. Do a charity run/walk/event
49. Sandboarding [January 2014]
50. See the Great Wall of China
51. Do one of the Guardian workshops
52. Teach English abroad
53. Bungee Jump
54. Get my fourth tattoo [December 2013]
55. Go Paintballing
56. See Scotland
57. Visit New Zealand [April-May 2014]
58. Volunteer in Africa
59. Have a wild one in Vegas
60. See Mumford and Sons live
61. Blog for a full year [January 2014]
62. Learn sign language
63. See Halong Bay [October 2013]
64. Get my nose ring back in as soon as I leave my job!  [August 2013 - couldn't wait]
65. Do the Colour Run
66. Go to the Whitsundays [February 2014]
67. Teach abroad
68. Amsterdam
69. Freelance travel blogging [September 2013 onwards]
70. Ski season in New Zealand
71. Travel the South Island, NZ
72. Visit Uluru 

to be continued...

N xo


  1. This is such a great bucket list. I think the only thing on this list I don't want to do is own a cat, haha! Or dye my hair blonde... I've already been there :) xx

    1. Thanks :) I know, I'm not sure I'll ever pluck up the courage to have blonde! x

  2. I love you bucket list! I've got a few of them on my list too :) x

    1. They're such a good idea! Hopefully I'll be able to knock a fair few off it over the next year :) xo