Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Royal Baby Is Here!

Since the London 2012 Olympics and the Queen's Jubilee, it feels like there's been a noticeable increase in the Patriotism of the British people. Yesterday proved that more than ever. Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William were expecting the birth of their first baby...and the rest of the World, not just our country, were anticipating the arrival too. The news footage started early yesterday morning but reports had been active for weeks and weeks now. 

This could have been a massive game changer for structure of our country as the law of primogeniture has been active for hundreds of years - this means, a first born daughter could become Queen. Yes, sadly this would mean Prince Harry would be fourth in line, sad face. This was approved by the Queen and the Commonwealth so it's quiteee a big deal! But...

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At 4.24pm yesterday, Kate and Will's baby boy came into the World. The tradition of the Royal Easel was continued to let the World know all was well and fortunately or unfortunately Baby will be a King one day...

Source: The Mirror Online.
I can freely admit, babies make me emotional. They're so little and cute. However, you can't help but feel a little sympathy for babies born into the Royal Family - they really are blissfully unaware of the pressure and responsibilities they will have to take on for the rest of their lives, after all, nobody can give up the duty of being a Royal.

And the bit I love the most? This guy...

The Town Crier announcing the birth of the new baby. I LOVE traditions like this. Traditions are one of the reason I love being British. We uphold the things that make us British. I mean, this guys in a traditional garb? What a sport!

The Royal Baby is yet to be named but there's been a lot of speculation...and a lot of rather humorous suggestions on Twitter.

So hopefully later on today we will see and the World can have yet another distraction of the naming now the birth is over.

Congrats Will and Kate... but come on, let's make this an annual bank holiday!

Oh and if you are bored of it, check this out.

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