Thursday, 18 July 2013

Thursday Things

I spend a lot of time aimlessly browsing the internet. It's the perfect way to fill a bit of time, and also the majority of my working day. So to make my aimless browsing seem a little more productive, here's a few things I've found and liked this week.

1.I am in love with my new blog discovery, Little Winter. Home to the thoughts and life of the beautiful Katy, who blogs about her little family in their little cottage. Absolutely adorable. Her cute posts brighten my days.

Picnic in the park

2.Beautiful pictures from the Huffington Post of the heatwave we are all enjoying. Everybody just looks and feels that bit happy when the sun is out, don't they? 

3. Beyonce and Blue Ivy. Pictures. Together. Need I say more? Literally the cutest thing on the planet. I'm a huge Beyonce fan - All Hail Queen B.

4. Pimms Ice Lollies - incredible. A drink that is perfect for this weather in a way that will make us that little bit cooler. GENIUS!

5. Toning tips to suit all body shapes...apparently. I spend too much time reading about dieting and toning...but I'm the first to say yes to a piece of cake. 

6. Summer events or weddings coming up? An array of beautiful hairstyles. Is it acceptable for me to try these even though I'm not actually going anywhere...

Olive and Frank
7. I am absolutely loving Olive & Frank at the moment. The prices are fantastic, the quirky clothing and jewellery makes me want to break out my credit card and buy everything...and best of all? They have their own blog filled with lovely pictures and products. 

8. It's no big secret that I'm a massive fan of the blog What Olivia Did...not only does she have incredible fashion sense..she makes it affordable with a mix of vintage, high street and a few pricier key pieces. Take a browse and head over to the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards page to vote for her to win Best Established Fashion Blog. She totally deserves it!

9. Jay-Z's new album - Magna Carta Holy Grail. AMAZING. I have loved Jay-Z for years (not quite as much as I love his beautiful wife) and this album has not disappointed me. Make sure you don't play it in front of your Grandparents...not sure they'd appreciate his colourful choice in lyrics!

10. Fancie have a new range. BEST NEWS EVER. Get to Sheffield and buy a whole box full. My mouth it watering. Chocolate Hazelnut, Lemon & Raspberry, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cherry & Almond, Chocolate Truffle, Carrot & Orange, Red Velvet, Mint & White Chocolate and Banana Sticky Toffee. WOW. Visit Fancie online (and they even deliver, shhh!) 

11. BREAKING NEWS: Mulberry has released another beauty. The beautiful Primrose Satchel bag; think I may definitely be purchasing one of these cheeky things in Aubergine in the very near future!

I spend too much time not working! But who can blame me when the weather is like this, it's a distraction! 

N xo

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