Monday, 22 July 2013

Tramlines 2013

If I only had one word to describe this weekend it would be...messy. I can't remember I had a jampacked weekend full of fun like this one. As I said in my Pre-Tramlines post, this is the first year I've actually been able to spend the whole weekend in Sheffield for the festival.

I'd planned for quite a calm Friday night but that was far from what it was. I spontaneously decided to meet one of my close university friends and venture out into town for 'a drink'. Of course, one drink turned into me staying out until the early hours of the morning dancing with my new friends. I love the atmosphere in some of the smaller places in Sheffield; especially The Wick at Both Ends, a cosy little bar on West Street that does amazing cocktails and funky music. It's laid back, everybody's always happy to be there and the decore is not-so-typical for a city centre bar, but that's what I love about it. We ended the night in my favourite, The Great Gatsby on Division Street. I've spoken about The Gatsby before from a day time perspective before but at night, it's a whole different kettle of fish. The atmosphere is the finest Sheffield has to offer in my eyes; the music is always on top form (a mix of classics, old school favourites and a few current ones thrown in for good measure - any DJ that places Beyonce followed by a bit of Biggie is the one for me!) LOVE. IT. It was one of the best nights I've had in Sheffield for a long, long time - one of new acquaintances and a little boogie.

Saturday morning was...not so good. I hadn't really considered that I would be up fairly early, venturing out for the day then staying up until the early hours for a house party that had been organised for that night. So I spent quite a lot of my morning laid like this...

...In a heap on the arm chair wallowing in my own self pity. The good thing was, I had the delight of finding Happy Feet on ITV2 to lift my mood.

After I'd stopped feeling so sorry for myself, we all headed into the city to begin drinking again and see some of Tramlines finest. The one thing I love about Tramlines; it always seems so organised, even down to the ticket collection. Ticket collection was from City Hall with one place to pay and collect wristbands and another to collect pre-bought tickets. There are hundreds of people who volunteer their help so the running of the weekend is smooth and everybody is kept safe and having fun. After grabbing our wristbands, we headed down to the main stage on Devonshire Green to chill out and take in the festival atmosphere. We managed to see quite a few different acts that we one, all up and coming talent, and the time spent down there was really relaxed. I headed to The Common Room to meet some friends for a few drinks before heading back to get ready for the party.

The party was...a blur; a fair few people, good music and a happy atmosphere. The lovely thing about a house party, especially in the Summer is the fact you can walk around in your slippers. This may sound silly but it's a nice thing for the girls who normally feel obliged to go out in towering heels. It's relaxed, you can chill inside, outside, wherever and you meet new people.

As we were still awake as the sun rose, Sunday morning called for a bit of a lie in.

When I finally felt a bit more human again, I ventured into town to do a bit of shopping before meeting Emily. Emily arrived and proved why she's a brilliant friend - she is my food companion through and through and always knows I'll jump at the chance of eating out. We ventured to Wagamamas as a treat (which you can read about here) It was great to have a proper catch up with Em, we don't get to do it a lot anymore because of working and not living in the same city now so when we do get chance to meet up, there's always a million and one things to tell one another.

After Wagas I took a leisurely stroll back (which I also did on the way there - clearly I think I will have all the energy in the world after an alcohol-fuelled weekend), belly full and new purchases in hand. 

It's been a brilliant weekend, although, I would have loved to have headed to The 02 Academy to watch my college friends band, Dog is Dead. The problem with Tramlines? Everywhere is ridiculously busy and I'm an impatient queuer. Obviously these are the kind of things you expect from this type of event, but still, I'm lazy and I'm impatient. I mean, come on, two hours to get into a venue? Silly, silly. But the good thing? Everybody I passed, sat near, spoke to...they were all having a good time. And that's what I love about Sheffield, it brings everybody to such  brilliant city to enjoy themselves.

Roll on Tramlines Lines 2014!

Oh...Here are a few snaps from the weekend. Jam packed with fun = no many pictures.


N xo

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