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Travel Planning: Indonesia

The only thing I knew before researching about Indonesia was that Bali is a must visit. I've wanted to visit Bali for years now and soon I'll have the opportunity. Beautiful beaches, meditation, nightlife, idyllic islands, diving, snorkelling, crystal clear waters...why anybody wouldn't want to visit is beyond me?!

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Indonesia is said to have around 18,100 islands with 6000 inhabited, crazy numbers, beautiful rainforests and even more beautiful beaches.

From the Philippines to Indonesia it would probably make the most sense to fly. By choice, I'd work my way down from Sumatra to Bali then over to Australia but I have a feeling from the Philippines onwards, we'll be a bit strapped for time before Luka and Katie have to fly back. Either way, I've had a look into Jakarta and Sumatra just incase we get chance, which I hope we do!

Sumatra is the largest Indonesian island consisting of volcanic craters, rainforests and trekking. Padang is the capital of Sumatra, popular for surfers and island hoppers.

Java is possibly the most historical part of Indonesia with its Hindu-Buddhist temples, Krakatoa and Mount Bromo National Park. West Java hotspots are Anver and Carita which are renowned for their markets as well as Krakatoa (the volcano famous for having the worlds biggest eruption in 1883. In the East there is Mount Bromo National Park which involves hiking/trekking. May need to count me out of that one! In the south are the beaches and prime surfing spots; Bogor, Bandung and Yogyakarta are highly recommended for their bohemian atmosphere as well as the temples of Yogyakarta.

The place I'm looking forward to most?...Bali. I've wanted to go to Bali for a long time; Ubud has meditation centres and involves a lot of relaxation, Kuta in the South is where the party's at and the North hosts the best beaches. In the East, Amed offers a more 'off the beaten track' side to Bali. I recently read this post by another traveller and it's made me very excited. I find the best way to decide where to go is to read where other travellers have been - this might sound obvious but sometimes reading a travel blog as opposed to a guide book is more helpful and the advice is more honest.

As well as Bali, I've also heard amazing things about the islands. The Gill Islands, east of Bali are idealistic for diving. Flores, Sumba and the Komodo islands are notoriously beautiful and ideal for relaxation. However, Sulawesi perhaps has the best reputation for diving, food and trekking. I've seen a great deal of travellers urging people to visit.

A few pictures to inspire your travel planning:
Photo: Stupas at Borobudur
Stupas at Borobudur, the world's largest Buddhist temple, overlook Java's jungles [courtesy of National Geographic]

Photo: A boater on a lake in Indonesia
Lake Situ Gunung [courtesy of National Geographic]

Jakarta [courtesy of Trip Advisor]

File:Komodo Island north aerial.jpg
Komodo Island [courtesy of Google]

Jimbaran Bali
Jimbaran, a must visit beach [courtesy of Air Asia]

Taman Ayun Temple in Mengwi in Bali Indonesia 300x200 Taman Ayun Temple in Mengwi in Bali, Indonesia

Taman Ayun Temple [courtesy of Exotica Lands Bali]

Bali Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Water Temple in Bali Indonesia 1024x680 Layover In Bali, Indonesia
Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Water Temple

Doesn't it look beautiful.

As always, if any of you reading have any advice/recommendations, drop me a comment if you have a minute. 

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