Friday, 2 August 2013

10 Things...

It's Friday again, gosh these weeks fly by! This past week has been a busy one for me with lots on at work event-wise.

1. Post-weekend lovin' - best friends, best times. can't wait to go away with them

2. Tuesday night - I bid farewell to the lovely Vicky as she left us for India yesterday. See you in a few weeks!

3. This weekend - segwaying with Pa. We've never done it before and are both very excited. Fingers crossed no broken limbs!

4. Again, this weekend - there's potential of a night out in Sheffield.

4. Notting Hill is booked - PARTY TIME - drinks, dance, food, FUN.

5. My plans have changed (sadly!) but it has meant I can attend a biiig farewell party with all of my uni friensd before Hannah leaves to travel the world

6. This skirt. Is it sad that a skirt can make me smile? Probably, but it's pretty.

7. I'm finally getting sorted with my travel plans - Bangkok hostel booked, Full Moon hostel booked, malaria tablets sorted (and they were a bargain, I'll tell you more soon).

8. Just appreciating life - this sounds vague and possibly silly but my Mum had some terribly sad news this week and it just shows you really do have to embrace life - it's sort, we need to make the most of our time. It's made me smile and appreciate what I have and how lucky I am.

9. Living at home - it's nice to go home, chat about my day, relax and see my girl!

10. My efforts at the gym - I FINALLY feel like my hard work is paying off and I'm starting to see results (a teeeeeny tiiiiiny bit but still...) AND I've nailed the healthy eating (with the exception of a cookie here and there)

N xo

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