Friday, 16 August 2013

10 Things...

1. THIS WEEKEND - Manchester! Catch up with everybody for Hannah and Tess' leaving party and a couple of nights out. I used to spend a lot of time in Manchester and love the place so I'm very excited to return.

2. LAST WEEKEND - I had the nicest weekend and it was great to have Monday off as well. It made me all nostalgic for uni and my old life, but it was definitely a weekend well spent.

3. SOME ALONE TIME - this week I have been able to have some time to myself, something I haven't had since April when I moved out of my apartment. I am a person that absolutely loves being around people and having somebody to have a natter with but sometimes, time spent alone is definitely needed.

4. A FRESH LOOK ON LIFE - I recently met somebody whose relaxed attitude has really given me something to think about. As I've told you before, I feel much happier and more content with myself and my life after all the upheaval I had earlier on in the year. Life's too short for worrying or hesitating; and the fact I can say this and believe it, thanks for my new friend, is a really nice feeling.

5. TIME TICKING AWAY - Wednesday this week meant the 4 week countdown to flying to Bangkok (this now means it is 3 weeks and 5 days until we go - wow.) I can't get over how quickly time is passing by and although travelling-wise I'm prepared, I'm not yet prepared for the goodbyes. 

6. WORK - work itself does not bring a massive smile to my face, nor make me completely ecstatic (come on, not many people feel like that about their jobs!) but the people I'm closest to have made me smile this week. It's funny, because to look at us, you'd never imagine we would be friends...but we actually are and that brings a smile to my face. I'll genuinely miss them when I leave in a couple of weeks.

7. MY GRANDMA - I love old people; they're adorable, especially my Grandma. I know how much she loves me living at home again and being able to see me everyday. We're going out for lunch on one of my days off next week with her friends and she's very excited.

8. RELAXATION - My travel to-do-list is almost complete, I've nearly finished work, I've got a nice chunk of money saved; organisation has made me feel really relaxed, that and a little help from my nearest and dearest. I'm in a good place at the moment!

9. THE BEST 11 MINUTES ISH OF THE DAY - Truly, this is it! The best vines out there. Honestly, it's pretty good.


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