Friday, 9 August 2013

10 Things...

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Fridays seem to come around SO quickly; the weeks are flying by and somehow May to August has passed in a blur. This week I've been really busy at work planning an event and tying up loose ends before I leave in a few weeks. That said, I don't feel like I've had time to sit still and have five minutes to myself; normally I would be a big bundle of stress but I've actually been in a fab mood allll week.

Here's why I've been smiling this week;

1. Anything - genuinely, anything has made me smile this week. I feel like I've giggled through from Monday to Friday due to my good mood. It's actually been really refreshing to go through a full week with no blips (hopefully I'm not speaking too soon!) but obviously this doesn't bode well with a busy week at work. 

2. The weekend - I have nice plans and I'm like a giggly teenager. That's all I'm saying.

3. Healthy eating - this week I've been on top form with healthy eating; I've not particularly craved anything and on the rare occasion I've allowed myself chocolate or something sweet, I've not fancied too much or it or anymore afterwards - BIG STEP.

4. My travelling preparation - all the big things are sorted now - insurance, my Australian visa etc etc. All done and dusted (which I told you about yesterday). Just the little things to sort out now like mosquito nets, a money belt (cringe!) and a pac-a-mac. 

5. Next weekend - I get to catch up with my old uni housemates and that makes me EXCITED. We don't get to do it nearly as often enough anymore.

6. Beach babe hair - Lee Stafford sea salt spray makes my hair all fun, volumised and swishy. I like it.

7. eBay creepin' - this hasn't made me smile in a good way; it's just that hilarious I need to share it with you. I put some unworn shoes on eBay as I've never had chance to wear them and it's not like I'm going to be fitting them in my backpack now, is it? I received this message...

8. Food - you all know by now that food is the way to my heart. This week I made courgette fritters and stuffed courgette tacos - both TASTY and I'll definitely be making them in the next week or two.

9. Dog walking duty - for the next couple of weeks I'm in charge of walking Bracken and I can't wait. For those of you that don't know, Bracken is my elderly neighbours cute black labrador. (I've spoken about her before here and here.) We walk her a few times a week but as my Mum isn't able to for the next couple of weeks, it's now my job. I love heading out into the woods and by the river for some peace and quiet.

10. Calvin Harris' new song - I've been listening to his latest album, 18 Months, since it was leaked on the internet. Every single song is an absolute TUNE and I'm so glad he's finally released Thinking About You with Ayah Marar. It's the perfect song for summer and it's really suited my mood this week.

Happy Friday everybody! I hope you have a great weekend.

N xo

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