Friday, 30 August 2013

Friday Feeling

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Fridays are great, aren't they? Even if you don't work full time, there's always that Friday buzz wherever you go. Each week I like to recap on the things that have made me smile this week - there isn't any harm in a little positivity! Just lately, I'm smiling and happy about a lot of things. Winding down for my trip has meant a lot of plans, seeing friends and general loveliness! 

1. Post-Carnival/Bank Holiday Buzz - The Bank Holiday weekend was nothing short of amazing. We went to Notting Hill Carnival and I got to spend some time with my lovely, calming influence. I've been on a high all week post-carnival.

2. My last working day - Today is my last day at my job before I go travelling. I've been here for a year now and will miss everybody very much. It's shown me I can have friends from all walks of life and I've become very close to some here. Thank god for Skype!

3. A little visit - I have a little pre-holiday visit planned next week and I'm really looking forward to it. I don't feel ready to say goodbye yet but having a few days together will be a nice way to end the summer. 

4. Travelling - it's getting closer and I'm going from waves of excitement to waves of worry. You know I'm a worrier, I can't help it! I'm going to spend this next few days packing, list making (my fave!) and making sure everything is done! I want to be all sorted at least 5 days before I leave - which, scarily, isn't that long!

5. Family time - now I'm finishing work I have a week and a bit of family time which I can't wait for. I'm always so busy and darting here there and everywhere at weekends so I've got a little time now to focus on my family and have some quality time. 

6. Chatsworth Country Show - This weekend marks the annual Chatsworth Country Show. Attending this has become a family tradition over the years. This Sunday I'm heading there with my Parents for a day of horses, cheese stalls and country air.

7. Work leaving party - It's tonight - drinks, Indian food - need I say more?

8. New Lumix - I'm still mourning the theft of my old TZ27 but yesterday my new TZ40 arrived. I sat at my desk yesterday getting to grips with the settings and it seems great. I'm very excited to use it this weekend at Chatsworth to see what it's capable of!

9. Unemployment - is it bad that I'm REALLY happy about this? I've worked since the age of 15, mostly part time in pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, Topshop and this has been my first full time job. The marketing world is something I can see myself venturing back into in the future but I'm very, very happy to not have any work to go to at the moment. It's going to allow me to write to my hearts content, enjoy those closest to me and to have that sense of freedom I feel like I missed out on during the summer post-university.

10. Being able to wear my OWN clothes...forever - No more officewear for a while HURRAH! While I think having a dress code of 'officewear' for work is the most sensible thing, I CANNOT WAIT to be able to wear normal clothes everyday from now until I enter back into the working world again.


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  1. When I first decided to stop looking for a 9-5 in office job, I felt just like that! Oh can I relate! The first thing I did was go out and get rainbow colors streaked in my hair. It was just the freedom to do what I want and not have to follow a set of someone else's rules. So I hear ya and I'm excited for you!