Saturday, 3 August 2013

Hola Amigos!

Yesterday I experienced Amigos and I can tell you - la comida esta buena.

I luuuurve Mexican food. I've told you about this beforeLuckily, my work colleaguesz feel completely the same..not just about Mexican but about food in general.

Amigos is a Mexican restaurant based on London Road in Sheffield. They do allsorts - burritos, tacos, quesadillas, enchilladas, soups, chilli...everything to tickle your Mexican taste buds! I was told about the place a few years back by a friend but never ventured there until now. We are always on the hunt for new places to get lunch instead of sticking to boring sandwiches. We scoured the menu at great length before deciding on a meal deal which, for three people, included either a quesadilla, enchillada or burrito each, two trays of potato wedges, refined beans a can of pepsi each. The best bit? All of that is only £18.50 which sounded like a bargain to me.

 I wasn't sure what to expect when we went to collect the food (unfortunately we don't have a very long lunch so takeaway was necessary) and I was pleasantly surprised. It was spacious, appropriately furnished for the style of restaurant and the staff were very friendly and helpful.

The food was passed to us in the BIGGEST bag - what had they given us?! Surely more than a meal deal for 3? We took the food, got in the car and I balanced the goods during the drive back.

Upon returning to the office, we prised open the bag, removed the boxes and opened the lot in absolute delight; there was a MOUNTAIN of food.

Dips, beans, wedges, sour cream, gucamole, mini nachos for each person in our burrito boxes - A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

The food was absolutely incredible. And I am genuinely not being biased because of my lovin' for anything Mexican. The burrito tasted authentic, packed with spice and was just what we wanted. The inclusion of refined beans, dips and wedges in the deal was also a nice addition.

The only problem? Waaaay too much food, which can't be bad, right? I would have loved to be able to eat in the restaurant as well. However, problem kinda solved - we are going to venture here for my farewell meal at the end of August. Fingers crossed they will provide sombreros!

Check out their menu - I dare you. You'll be practically drooling at the screen when you read about their tasty food. Either that or racing to Sheffield to try for yourself!

N xo 

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