Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Life Lately

I returned home on Bank Holiday Monday to my parents who have just returned from a lovely fortnight away. We got back pretty late from Notting Hill on Sunday night so I stayed over at Luka and her boyfriends place. Although I had the Monday off, I was sad for the rest of the weekend to be over. We had such a great time and I got to spend time with some of my favourite people, which at the moment is just want I want before I leave. 

I think with age you really do learn who your friends are. I always thought it sounded really cliche when relatives used to say it to me because, at the time, you think friends will be there forever. Unfortunately, after graduating, I've learned that isn't always the case. This isn't always for a specific reason; work commitments, not living in the same city and just general busyness get in the way. This weekend allowed the busyness of life to be pushed to one side for one of my favourite days of the year so far...and I can probably say, a great end to one of my favourite weekends. I've been quite lucky recently that I've got to know somebody that completely calms me and makes me not have a care in the world - for me, this is very rare. I tend to be a worrier - about my life, my friends, my family; you name it, I'll probably worry about it (unfortunately I've not managed to shake off all of my past anxiety yet!). But this weekend, I felt like I didn't have a care in the world. I'm very happy at the moment. This time is short lived, but I'd rather be having a little of it with that person than none at all.

Bank Holiday Monday was spent in a lovely way - with my parents catching up, sitting in our garden in the sunshine and gorging on my infamous Bruschetta. This time of year is my favourite - our vegetable garden is overflowing with fresh produce that I have the luxury of cooking with every day. Today, the tomatoes made an appearance and really added to the authentic Italian taste of my Bruschetta. Here's the recipe should you fancy a little yourself!

I now have today...tomorrow...and Friday left at work. Yep, that's it. Life lately seems to be going full speed ahead and today marks the two weeks countdown to my big backpacking bonanza.

Although I'm VERY excited, I'm also starting to panic a little bit - time is going too quickly. I don't have an outlandish number of people to say goodbye to, but those ones that I do...well, I'm not ready to yet. So I'm thankful to be finishing work on Friday as it means I have 12 days to fight the tears and avoid the goodbyes.

Life's about to get a little bit hectic!

N xo

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