Monday, 19 August 2013

Manchester: Part 1

Perfect weather for a roadtrip.
This weekend I spent in Manchester visiting university friends. Hannah, my old housemate, is doing a round the world trip around and leaves a few days after us. She decided to have a big get together at her house and have a night out in Manchester. Before that, I met my friend Matt, who lives nearby, to finally satisfy my burger craving.

He took me to CockaDoodleMoo in Hazel Grove and I was impressed. 
Yes, really...CockaDoodleMooThe place was really minimalist but it gave it that relaxed, 'cool' feel.

Weird thing; monkey nuts as a starter. I'm not sure this is a very common thing, if it is please let me know, and we did laugh about it but I could not leave them alone. So good! We had a browse of the menu, cracked open the monkey nuts and got in the burger mood.

I opted for the cheesey mushrooms burger and chips. Matt decided on the dirty burger with dirty rice (hehe!) 
The menu was right up my street and it was really difficult to decide - I really wanted to the pulled pork but I had been banging on about wanting a burger for a good few weeks now. They had a good selection of burgers, ribs...meat in general! So if you're a meat lover, you'll be in heaven!

It arrived and it looked GOOD. They served on trays with enamel camping-esque bowls (I have the exact same mugs) with a side of gherkins - perfect! I quite like the way it's presented, it's really inkeeping with the minimalist style of the restaurant with it's wooden tables and simple decor.

Matt's was substantially bigger - 4 lots of meat to the burger and a big portion of rice.

Couldn't resist a tasty.

Despite being ridiculously full, dessert happened.
Ice cream and butterscotch sauce went down a treat.

Very happy customer, see?

So all in all, I was very impressed! It's probably somewhere I would never have gone as it's out of the city centre but it was really tasty! The staff were ever so slightly awkward but apparently the place is pretty new so I imagine they're just finding their feet. If you're ever near Stockport/Manchester, call in for a burger! I promise it's worth it!

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N xo

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