Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Manchester: Part 2

As I told you yesterday, this weekend was all about catching up with our friends from university, bidding farewell to the lovely Hannah before her big round the world trip, barbecue food and a BIG night out in Manchester.

Luka and I set off on the Friday afternoon, Beyonce blaring, all excited to see our old friends! That's the saddest thing about graduating, you don't get to see everybody nearly as often as you would like anymore. We arrived at Hannah's, not only to stunning weather but a view from her garden that I always love!

Most people arrived on the Friday, and after my meal at CockaDoodleMoo, we all chilled out in the back garden before venturing to a couple of the local pubs. Now, we all kind of decided that Friday night would be the warm up but it soon got a little more out of hand that we had anticipated.

A few sore heads on Saturday morning meant a day of chilling out, eating the delicious food prepared by Hannah's parents and just catching up. It was so nice to have everybody together after such a long time!

Around 3ish, everybody else arrived...and so did the food.

Myself and Luka couldn't have been more excited when this happened...

And we devised a system to make the chocolate covered fruit even better - a mixture of strawberries, marshmallows and grapes, drowned in chocolate and left in the fridge for an hour for the chocolate to harden. Seriously, taste sensation!


After devouring the buffet, we decided to get ready about half 6ish so we could carry on drinking and chatting to everybody.

A few Pimms, layers of mascara and battling with the straighteners and we were ready.

Pictures in the garden were obviously compulsory! Dressing up means photographic evidence needed!

After this...things got progressively more blurry. The mini buses picked us up at 10 and we headed out into Manchester. Our original plan was to go to Revolucion de Cuba but it was ridiculously busy so we ended up in Missoula on Deansgate. We danced the night away and had a great time.

As you can expect, Sunday morning was a little painful but we all made it home, give or take a detour or two.

This weekend was nothing short of perfect. And the nicest thing, I wasn't really saying goodbye to Hannah, it was more of a 'see you at Christmas...in Australia!' Can't complain at that really, can you?


N xo

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