Saturday, 31 August 2013

My Naughty Re-Discovery

As you know, this is primarily a blog to share my life with the blogging community...and a big part of my life is food. Oh, you know...the recipes, the tweets, the instagrams...I love food! I'm Natasha and I have a ridiculously uncontrollable sweet tooth. With my parents being away recently, I've had free rein of the house...and our extensively stocked pantry. I made my beautiful Peanut Chocolate Cookies and used up the last little bit of chocolate that we I did something naughty.

Melted Nutella in a little ramakin with strawberries for dipping - AH-MAH-ZING!
I can't believe I forgot how incredible chocolate covered strawberries tasted.

My diet is ruined...and as you can tell by the lighting of the pictures - naughty late night snack! Oopsy.

N xo

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