Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Notting Hill Carnival!

This Bank Holiday weekend I went to Notting Hill Carnival. We decided to go on the Sunday, just for the day. I've wanted to go for years as I've always been told how much fun it is. We set off VERY early on Sunday morning and got back VERY late Sunday night but it was definitely worth it.

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Those that know me will know I'm quite scared of the idea of London. It's a big place, I don't know it at all but I'm eager to get to know the place and see what it has to offer (mostly for the food...). We arrived just before midday, faffed around getting the tube (definitely the bit that scares/stresses me the most!) and arrived in Notting Hill. I've been ridiculously excited about this day for weeks now but really didn't know what kind of thing to expect. 

We arrived and it was already packed. The sounds of music and the smells of food filled the air; it was GREAT. Enjoying the atmosphere with the other carnival-goers, we danced and twerked (eat your heart out Miley!) our way through the streets.

There was something going on everywhere you turned, even the side streets that seemed pretty deserted in comparison to the main streets. We started getting a bit peckish so searched for food. The first place we came to was on the main stretch and for a tiny bit of chicken and corn came to £10. Now, I'm not stingy and I will pay a fair amount for good food but that was steep, even for this kind of event. We wandered off in search of a portaloo (the perks of being outdoors..) and came across a lovely group of people selling food from their own house - Jerk Chicken, stuffed dumplings, patties and the best rum punch I've ever tasted. And guess what...for HALF the price! For me, this was what the carnival should be about - locals embracing the carnival atmosphere and doing it properly - not ripping tourists off! The food was incredible, really authentic and the guys were so nice. We stayed there for quite a while chatting and thoroughly enjoying the rum punch.

We moved on, had a wander, did A LOT of dancing and it made we wonder, why have I never been before?! Everybody was so happy, dancing away, enjoying the glorious sunshine and getting into the carnival spirit. Time absolutely flew and before we knew it, we hadn't got long before we needed to hop on the tube and make our way back to the station.

Just before this, the only downside of the day occurred; my camera was stolen. I'm absolutely distraught about this, not so much because of the camera itself (even though it's not ideal two weeks before I go travelling), but because of the brilliant pictures that were on there. It just goes to show, don't let your guard down too much at those kinds of things. I'm very naive, I like to think everybody's lovely and that the world is a nice, honest place but, unfortunately, not everybody is honest, lovely nor has the best of intentions. The worst part is, I didn't even realise and had absolutely no recollection of even a slight opportunity it could have been taken. This was a harsh lesson learned for me - not to be too trusting and to keep an eye on my possessions because not every is going to be there for a good time. Katie also had her purse stolen which was pretty rubbish as you can imagine! So I urge anybody going to this kind thing, or even just out and about in a busy place - keep an eye on your belongings and don't let your guard down too much or something very precious to you could be gone in a flash (sad face). I started to think it's just because we were naive to the London environment but I just think it's one of those things that happens during an event like carnival! Lesson learned for next time!

We made our way back tube, a little hazy and starting to get tired after a day jammed packed with dancing in the sun! I did make sure I got my chicken, rice and peas, mmm!

I cannot wait for next years carnival and will definitely go for both days rather than just the one. I'm so glad I got to experience the day and thanks to the girls, I perked up a little bit about my lost camera after these pictures popped up yesterday evening:

I have never seen so much twerking...mainly from Katie!


Lots of carnival love <3

N xo


  1. aw glad you enjoyed yourself, rubbish your camera got stolen though especially if youre off travelling soon!


    1. I know, such a shame! one of those things unfortunately, I'm too trusting haha! x

  2. Great pics and write-up. Sorry about your camera hun, but am glad that you had a good time. Shamefully I never did carnival, despite once living right in the area...get a bit crowd fright but maybe one day :) xx

    1. thanks lovely :) oh you must go one day, it's brilliant! I'm the same, not keen on big crowds at all but carnival was weirdly okay to say how busy it was! I think everybody is so happy and relaxed that you don't really notice the volume of people :) xo