Monday, 5 August 2013

Segway Saturday!

This weekend we finally got to enjoy the birthday present I bought for my Dad back in July. I racked my brain for present ideas - he's very difficult to buy for; everything is 'alright'. But to my sheer delight, he absolutely loved the idea of going segwaying! Result!

Luckily, we don't live too far away from the nearest Go Ape! at Sherwood Pines; okay, so we live like 10 minutes away so it's pretty convenient. I'm guessing you all know what a segway is, right? Well, if you don't...this is a segway...

Interesting things aren't they? You wouldn't believe such fun could come from such a strange creation.

They're run on the momentum of your body and VERY sensitive - to go faster you lean forwards, to slow down you lean backwards, leaning left makes you go left, leaning right makes you go right - pretty simple? Well, first getting on them is pretty daunting; you feel wobbly, a little unnatural and apprehensive of what lies ahead but after about 5 minutes in the 'training zone', you take to it like a fish to water.

So...we arrived at the Go Ape! site around 20 minutes before our allocated slot at 10.30am. This time was perfect as it allowed us to fill in the disclaimers (Note: risk of death apparently...that's obviously not terrifying), grab our helmets and mentally prepare. Now, I was pretty excited about the whole thing, as was my Dad but some others in the group looked terrified. We all had a little chat, were prepped on the important information by the Go Ape! staff and shown to our segways. They talked us through how to control it one by one again, just to clarify everything and we hopped on. We spent 10 minutes getting used to the momentum in the training area before setting out into the forest. For a while, they stayed in training mode, which was surprisingly speedy but after a little while of being on straight, flat ground, we were let loose and training mode was taken off. That's when the real fun started!

The adrenaline really kicked in and we were speeding through the forest through winding bends, over bumpy ground, zig-zagging through the trees and it was AMAZING. I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie anyway and segwaying really adhered to that.We were out for around 50 minutes and it flew by.

I can honestly say this is one of the most exciting and enjoyable things I've done for a long time and I'm ecstatic my Dad agreed! He agreed to the point that we are planning to go again before I leave to go travelling in September.

I would recommend to anybody to give segwaying a go! It's a blast!

Here's some pictures and a video from the day taken by my lovely Ma:

My photo-hating Ma

Team segwaying?

Visit Go Ape! for more information about the fun you can have with them!

N xo

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