Sunday, 11 August 2013

Something a little out of the ordinary.

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I recently posted about trying to be healthier and happier day to day and I even gave you a little insight into my reasoning behind this. As I said, I'm healthier and happier at the moment than I have been for a long time, and to further boost this, I tried something a little out of the ordinary.

I stumbled across an offer on Living Social for a hypnotherapy session entitled 'Fit Mind Fit Body'. Now, hypnotherapy is something I have never, ever considered and I thought was a little wacky. All I think of is the 'hypnotists' at circus' that make members of the audience walk around and cluck like a chicken. So, naturally, I was very intrigued what this would entail. 

I arrived at the hypnotherapy centre and was greeted by Kate, who would be conducting the session. The place was light and airy, exactly what you'd expect from somewhere clinical. She guided me upstairs to our consultation room and we discussed why I was there, what I wanted to achieve from the session, whether I'd had hypnotherapy before etc. I basically said I'd seen the offer online and was curious as well as telling her some of the things I told you guys in my recent post. I told her I wanted more confidence in my appearance, to keep up with my healthy eating and to try and curb my sweet tooth a little. She listening intently, not saying anything, which, those that know me will know I cannot handle makes me talk more and more...and more. So eventually I shut up and she asked me to sit back in my chair and relax - she advised me that hypnotherapy was a way of speaking to our subconscious with us being fully in control of ourselves, in a sort of daydream.

The chair was ridiculously comfortable, so relaxing was not a problem at all. She started by telling me to shut my eyes when I wished and spoke really softly. I'll be honest, it took me a good ten minutes to control my laughter as her tone of voice began in quite an amusing way. She used imagery to relax me further, asking me to concentrate on my breathing and told me to envision a girl laying on the beach and relaxing...beyond this, I struggle to remember a lot of what was said. The feeling of hypnotherapy was very, very strange; it was as though I was asleep but could hear her speaking but I couldn't quite tell what she was saying...kind of like when somebody tries to speak to you when you're under water (that's the only thing I can even slightly compare it to).  

The session lasted for 45 minutes and when I came around, I felt quite disorientated but ridiculously relaxed. We spoke a little while my sight and mind returned to the real world about her work in the field. After a few minutes I felt ready to leave so headed out and set off home. The rest of the evening I felt a little lost for words; something that never happens.

It's now just under a week on and, I have to say, I've had very limited cravings and have been able to have a little of something sweet then stop myself wanting more. I've also had no instances of standing in front of the mirror feeling a bit podgy. Maybe this is all coincidental or maybe it's not but I've been there, done it and given it a try.

I told you it was something a little out of the ordinary.

N xo

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