Thursday, 15 August 2013

Thursday Things

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I've been crazy busy this week! Time is going so quickly, I'm in need of a teleporter...or Bernard's watch..or something. Needless to say, this hasn't stopped me having a good 'ol browse on the internet.

1. Well dressed animals. Need I say more?

2. 7 ways for a healthier working day.

3. If this is true, I'm getting on board. MMM COOOOKIE.

4. Avoiding scams in Vietnam; the more I read about South East Asia and their scams, the more I worry.

5. Airline meals make me gag.

6. I saw Raymond Blanc make this in his episode on grilling the other night - tastyy!

7. Chocolate meditation? Genius.

8. Peanut butter? Rice crispies? AND chocolate? Yep, I'm on board with that!

9. This is really appealing to the massive geek inside of me. I was into this stuff growing up, okay?!

10. Are we a nation of exercise dodgers?? I hope not!

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