Thursday, 29 August 2013

Thursday Things

Beautiful Verona
[Source: Pinterest]
1. I am very disappointed I didn't witness this at Notting Hill Carnival

2. Disney Princess and Prince texts...if they had phones...

3. National Burger Day? AMAZING. I made these and they were GREAT. Here's some other tasty burger recipes, for future reference. #Iloveburgers

4. An incredible article by Emily Steer about depression. Everybody's talking about Miley and her risky VMA performance...but things like mental illness are the real issues that should be talked about. An issue very close to my heart!

5. Pleased to see I eat the 5 best superfoods pretty much daily! Go me! It's nice to know my healthy eating is on track.

6. A student creates the ultimate mobile home from an old school bus. Very impressive!

7. Can you honestly imagine if this had happened?! 1D and a room?!

8. Food porn at it's best! Very glad to have discovered this yummy blog.

9. Cannot get over this. Why Cheryl, why?!

10. The dilemmas of a bacon sarnie! Grilled with a bucket of HP for me please!

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