Thursday, 8 August 2013

Thursday Things

Amen to that!

1. A cake? That looks like Jupiter? I'm not sure if this is completely geeky or completely impressive.

2. Apparently, twenty-somethings are having a crisis - Well, I guess I have moved, quit my job and decided to book a one way flight to Bangkok...

3. I'm definitely guilty of too much internet shopping and wasting money on things I will never, ever wear.

4. Still my all time favourite - The OC began TEN years ago. Woah, that makes me feel old.

5. This looks TASTY. I've become somewhat of a salad addict lately!

6. Why shouldn't we make the first move? All the women who independent...

7. Selfie shame - we've all been there, we've all been caught; this is particularly humorous.  

8. Supposedly the only veggie burger worth making. It looks good and I want to eat it NOW.

9. It's back very soon and I'm excited. These are the that kind of things that make me become a hermit in the week.

10. A good reason to buy September's Vogue - Pharrell looks HOT. And again, Cara is taking over?!

11. I want to be at every one of these places rather than at my desk today.

Oh and I can't stop looking at him this week:


N xo

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